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Oh my God I’ve triggered the Apple FOMO dorks. Please get a life

Lol? Way to discredit yourself as a clueless fucking rube. “I work in the industry and I take everything my employer says at face value” is not going to convince me bucko.

Why don’t you start talking about Apple’s third party ad service servers if you think you know where all the data is going? They leak everything even if they don’t officially retain stuff. It’s all theatre for employees and regulators and the EU.

Apple is still an ad company they just want to cordon off their “private ad system” with their VPN products and hide my email shit. Don’t trust Apple at all myself

Apple is only promoting themselves as a privacy company to try to get VPN customers to move to their iCloud plus and shit. It’s like Micro$oft moving into open source. I really don’t think it’s ever wise to take a company’s philosophy seriously it’s just a way to manage customer and employee expectations temporarily.

What you’re able to request from these companies officially is just the tip of the iceberg. The point is that between phone numbers, email reuse, google analytics etc with fingerprinting, and operating system telemetry, a complete picture is assembled of users.

If you’re not looking for arguments and instead approaching things from understanding surveillance maybe my statements will make sense now.

Doesn’t have anything to do with Microsoft and Apple’s market share on PC which is what I was thinking of.

Besides, it wasn’t like I was saying Google’s mobile telemetry is less invasive on Android, where they compete with Apple for being as creepy as possible. IIRC windows phones haven’t taken off

Whataboutism? Where did I say this makes what Google is doing better? They all work together. God you people are dense.

Microsoft and Apple absolutely are ad companies lmfao.

Just imagine what Microsoft and Apple are getting thru telemetry

I can’t get browsing by hashtags to work on pixelfed itself. Only shows like 3 results.

One lady I know called it “haunted as fuck”

Isn’t matrix supposed to be end to end encrypted and all that? Your old posts won’t even be visible to someone who takes your account IIRC.

How is the deficit artificial? If you read realist military gossip, we're being strained heavily especially on air defense supplies.

I just hope that shitty disposable coffee is enough to keep that guy going somehow

Documentary about how people trying to get to China during the famine were instead trafficked into solitary confinement in South Korea and only allowed to leave if they agreed to go on a game show, no this is not a Paul Verhoeven movie this is reality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktE_3PrJZO0

Look at how tired that fucking lawyer is man he just wants these people to be able to live