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I don’t know enough about US politics, but can’t Biden change the court justices? If the answer is no, how did Trump change?

Yeah sorry for my “unchecked emotion” for my ancestors getting slaughtered in concentration camps and you call it “just a statistics”

“common saying”

How the fuck is that a common saying? That’s a quote attributed to genocidal Stalin and it’s a complete bullshit statement. Whoever repeats a moronic statement (and also very wrong) is also a moron. Death of millions is not just a statistics, it’s a much bigger tragedy.

Edgy idiots trying to be cool with statements of dictators

So Holocaust is not a tragedy? That’s what you’re saying?

You’re telling me that Prigozhin didn’t consider his family would be in danger once he declares a military insurrection?

I think he expected a much bigger response to back his cause and join forces, which didn’t happen and left him vulnerable.

I constantly run out of mana, preventing me from spamming my main spells and enjoying playing as a Sorc

Couldn’t agree more. Problem is when I have mana and my CDs available, my damage output is insanely high. But once I’m out of mana and CDs are off, I just walk around like an idiot lol. My build takes out basic spell too so I literally have nothing else to do but walk around. It needs a rebalance, I don’t want to have such high burst dps but a more constant gameplay with stable dps output.

I mean if you specifically look for it you can of course find them, you can find people cheering for dead puppies and kittens too, there are maniacs everywhere. Thing is it’s far from being an overall attitude, it’s really really minority.

Complaining about non-existing things is a new phenomenon on the internet I guess. I haven’t seen a single person cheering about the billionaires’ death but I’ve seen dozens of people complaining about people cheering about their deaths.

It’s like those upvoted comments in reddit threads where people say “number of comments in this thread about XX is disgusting” and you look for those comments and cannot find any.

Russia is in a horrible shape, all neighbors should considering attacking and grabbing a piece of land and destroying the big bear once and for all

Honestly those are just karma farming attempts, nothing genuine about the question.

I’m permanently suspended anyway, there’s no way back. They somehow find me if I create a new account lol

I played the beta on PS5. Gameplay is pretty solid, and it’s somehow challenging at certain bosses.

My feeling was that game doesn’t feel like Diablo but rather than a well made rpg/hackNslash game. It’s a good game, but not Diablo good.

Maybe it’s because I got cold on Blizzard for thousands of reasons.

Couple of weeks ago I got permanently suspended from reddit. I’ve been a user for 11 years, they suspended my 11 year old account.

Why? Here’s why.

It was in worldnews sub, you probably will remember the video where a cop kills a guy who’s threatening others to commit suicide.

All I said was this:

“Sir you cannot kill yourself, that’s our job”

BAM. Permanently banned for threatening and spreading violence. It’s unbelievable. Mods think they’re gods, so do admins. Fuck reddit ,I hope they collapse like WTT building.

what’s the difference between formal accusation and informal one?