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the longer you spend time around me the longer you’ll find that I can’t shut the fuck up about gravity rush 2

does it have flaws? probably. good luck trying to have a conversation with me about them. that game gave me a sense of joy and happiness I have literally been chasing since it came out in 2017.

a fun main character, one of the most unique movement mechanics I’ve experienced in a game, sick music, all the questions from the original game answered in ways I never would have expected, and an open world that, whilst not very interactive, is so architecturally interesting that I will boot the game up just to fly around and look at stuff to this day as a way to relax.

so yeah you should play Gravity Rush 2. and yes, the Xenoblades are great too, great taste tbh. they’re so mechanically crunchy that I can play them for hours

Ngl it’s been a long time but a mixture of grinding like hell and maxing out damage related stones for pretty much everyone

But I love that game an abnormal amount so I wouldnt recommend that, 500k is more than enough damage for anything that isn’t post-game

that’s wild that it doesn’t just give you the bonfire teleportation when you reach any bonfire. didn’t realize it had to be that bonfire in particular

About 50 hours into xenoblade chronicles 3 I realized I could pick character order when doing chain attacks. Up to that point I had been going left to right every time.

I went from doing 200k damage per chain attack to 17 mil lol

It’s not, he was arrested in November, he was given his sentence a few hours ago.

Yuji Naka hasn’t had anything to do with sonic in like. Decades at this point you’re good if that’s what you’re worried about

If threads doesn’t allow for chronological timeline of just the people you follow and hashtags that actually do something then I doubt it tbh lol

This is the answer imo if you have the budget. This completely cured my carpal tunnel. Opened up my shoulders, let me get better posture and it’s a dream for people who like to tinker with tech

Fun little crossover: it's an anime, but being built in a game engine!

this has been my longest-lasting phone game by a significant margin. I love that it’s portrait mode so I can play a game while holding a phone the way God intended

so many of the replies to this post are so embarrassing lol. just because you can’t tell the difference between good and bad writing doesn’t mean that real writers should be replaced by bots that literally produce a facsimile of written content, as opposed to content with a point, which an LLM can’t actually do.

like you think you’re looking at bad writing, but when the robots start churning out shit articles you’ll realize that you’d rather have a human than this nonsense

what are y'all pickin up

Ghost Trick Ghost Trick Ghost Trick

technically a puzzle game at the same time but that’s an ace attorney pic so you’re probably cool with it

I mean…yea. I know it sucks but willingly giving money to Elon musk is no different from checking it into a black hole and you should probably not

Affirmative Action has had a net positive impact on Asian Americans, given the fact that Asians had the largest college enrollment (59%), more than any other race.

A study from Georgetown University also found that Asian Americans actually benefit from affirmative action. It showed that if colleges only considered test scores, while Asian American enrollment would increase slightly, 21% of Asian Americans admitted under the holistic system would lose their spot.

In short, Asian Americans with lower SAT/ACT scores would give up their admission to Asian Americans with higher test scores. This would potentially affect lower-income Asian Americans, who cannot afford to spend money to prepare for those tests.

That said, your statement is so blatantly silly I’d like to confirm you’re actually arguing in good faith, or just stirring the pot with a hypothetical that absolutely does not happen. Thanks!

That’s not how it worked at all. Affirmative Action actually benefited white women more than any other minority group.

Affirmative Action was never about “lowering treatment for one race vs. another.” It was about evening the playing field. That evening is gone and we have no solution as a replacement. It will demonstrably negative for minority groups (that aren’t white women, lol) all because white people couldn’t stand the idea of not having a leg up in something.

Which, btw, is the reason why your definition of racism is flawed, if not flat out incorrect. There has to be a power imbalance for racism to be real. Me calling someone a cracker doesn’t mean anything compared to the structural inequalities I face as a black person. One of the few structural benefits I did have is gone now thanks to mediocre white people seething. Does that make sense?

first of all, white women have benefited from affirmative action more than any other group. are your female white friends experiencing that same imposter syndrome and distrust? did you even know that that was the case? did they? most POC snap back at the white people that question their credentials, not take our hurt feelings out on one of the most effective social justice policies in American history.

second of all, as an actual person of color who was one of 5 POC out of 478 people to get their masters degree in my program, i’d love to learn more about how AA caused more of the problem it’s meant to address. hard to get imposter syndrome when you’re still too disadvantaged to get actual opportunities, lmfao.

also I’m not gonna lie, you saying “blacks” makes me highly doubt you have friends of color regardless. if you do I’m surprised they haven’t told you that using that as a term is uh. I’m gonna go with “eyebrow-raising”

how is affirmative action as a concept contributing to “current racism against another group”?

the complete edition of Nioh 2 is $30. $30 for like 4000 hours of content depending on how deep you get into it. one of my top 25 games of all time.


  • I hate soulslikes that aren’t dark souls

don’t worry, because nioh 2 isn’t a soulslike after the first playthrough! once the credits roll, it becomes ninja gaiden crossed with diablo. also, the first playthrough is the tutorial lmao

  • do i have to care about the loot?

not on the first playthrough, but like i said, it’s diablo. you’ll be chasing gear and making builds that melt bosses. if that doesn’t sound fun, pass on it.

  • do i have to play as William?

no! nioh 2 has a character creator. an extremely good one, because if Koei Tecmo is good at one thing, it’s making pretty characters

  • is there an izuna drop?

you bet your sweet fuckin ass there’s an izuna drop

honestly it’s a very forgiving game so you can just go at your own pace with RF4! i was a teen when I played it and didn’t really struggle from what I remember haha

I haven’t finished it yet but i absolutely love Harvestella. It’s barely a farming sim, more like a Final Fantasy game with farming elements inside it, but I really really enjoyed it.

My favorite of all time is Rune Factory 4. God the amount of time I spent on that game is obscene lmao. I dunno what really makes it unique that I love it so much, maybe the bigger focus on dungeon crawling to go with the farming, but yeah, huge huge fan. Also Forte was so cute.

I didn’t like RF5 nearly as much, but I bought it twice (Switch and PC) because it’s a miracle it even came out and I wanted to support that. For those who don’t know, Neverland Co., the company that developed Rune Factory (and Lufia!) went bankrupt after Rune Factory 4. But then Marvelous hired most of the people on that team, which led to Rune Factory 4 Special, then Rune Factory 5, and now Rune Factory 6 and a spin-off that just got announced! Those sorts of comeback stories make me very happy. I’m really hoping these next two games allow them to refine their 3D engine.

Into the Breach is GOATed with the SAUCE baby god I love everything by that team. Can’t wait to see what they make next. I’ve put hundreds of hours into it across platforms despite being not the best at it haha

Just FYI Lemmy does have a spoiler format! It’s the exclamation triangle in the markdown options. At least you can see it on the web app

For me:

  • Wo Long, again, on the PS5 this time and with the Season Pass. I’m a freak so I’ll get it done before the first DLC drops this week

  • FFXVI. I have many, many thoughts about this game right now but I’ll hold my tongue until I finish it. i probably will.

  • PSO2:NG. I’m done with grad school so I’m delving into those big, forever games again. FFXIV is boring to me now so I thought I’d give NG a try. I played PSO2 a lil bit now and again. if you play this lemme know! I’m on Ship 3, but I literally just started, so

  • Battle Bit Remastered. The only FPS I’ve ever been good at is Apex. This is not that, but it’s fun and low stakes so I’ll take it.

  • Ender Lilies and Afterimage. I’ve been on a Metroidvania kick lately

  • Street Fighter 6. still searching for my main (and my skill in this game)

What are you playing this week?
Tell us!

every game should be announced the day before it releases.

i am barely making a joke

i love this game, glad it was really successful too, I wanna see more from those devs. felt like a 2D Okami spin-off

i actually haven’t finished it! i need to get back to that. it was surprisingly difficult

Ooo, lift off is good too.

I wish one of these had notifications, no idea if that’s an API thing tho

On Android I’m liking Thunder and Connect

Temtem Showdown: Launch Trailer | Humble Games
this is shrimpteresting. it's literally just Temtem's ranked PvP mode, standalone, completely for free, akin to Pokemon Showdown. You get the normal ranked rewards added to your account if you own the actual Temtem game (and it links automatically). And it shares a ladder with the full game, so you can play against people who already own it.

  • metroid
  • returnal
  • beyond good and evil
  • the FFXIII trilogy (yes they’re good and I’ll fight anyone that says otherwise)
  • Bayonetta
  • A lot of the Resident Evils
  • Celeste, bonus points for being very gay as well
  • Half-Life: Alyx
  • Tales of Berseria (if you like anime stuff. the protag’s outfit is trash but she’s probably the best Tales MC IMO)
  • Telltale’s Walking Dead
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The female protag is canon as far as I’m concerned
  • Night in the Woods
  • Control
  • Nier Automata
  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits
  • Signalis

VR tends to have a harsh drop-off tbh, I think the stat is like most people stop using their quest after the first 4 months? this might help bring people back now and then. as far as going back to old games…for me I’ll boot up beat saber and until you fall, but as like, chill cardio when I don’t wanna go too hard that day lol

i’m curious to see how successful this is. i feel like I already own every popular / high-quality VR game cause…you know, there aren’t many. For example I already have Pistol Whip and the Golf game. But I guess if you’re new to VR or the Quest this might be a good deal.

The full version of the theme song from Final Fantasy XVI dropped. It's by Kenshi Yonezu, who has been popping off in Japan these past few years.

Hey bud you’re at like a 130%, I’mma need you to drop down to like a 15% please

Fam…no…now I understand why people split up in horror movies

this comment is extremely rude and unnecessary and is being removed. please remember to bee nice on beehaw going forward.

Metaphor: ReFantazio Confirmed for Simultaneous Worldwide Release in 2024
What did Sega have to threaten for this to happen I wonder

Zume, SoftBank’s $445 Million Robot Pizza Startup, Is Cooked
I wish every dumbass startup a very go to hell

you've probably seen me all over the place here already because I am very much enjoying beehaw. but I just figured i'd introduce myself formally as one of the new /r/gaming mods. so, henlo gamers (affectionate).👋 happy to have been given the opportunity to help make this place chill and cool and fun and nice. looking forward to hanging out with y'all 😊

Two Atlus Titles leaked from their Instagram ahead of Xbox Showcase
::: spoiler spoiler Persona 3 Remake and Persona 5 Tactics ::: The full trailers are out there if you're interested.

profile pics are finnicky
probably a lemmy problem but still, here's what i get `SyntaxError: Unexpected token 'R', "Request er"... is not valid JSON` how can I post if I don't look cute? ;_;

Apollo for Reddit is shutting down
whelp, there it is

Twitch walks back controversial ad rules policy
I didn't know whether to put this in here or tech, sorry lol.

Book Recs for a Flight!
i'm about to be on a plane for 18 hours to tokyo. the *goal* is to sleep through most of those, but at some point I'll probably wake up at some point. as a result I'm hoping to get some recommendations for some easy, breezy reads that ramp up quickly to distract me from being in a sardine can in the air. in particular fun sci-fi / fantasy stuff would be nice. minority characters would also be great. recent and old stuff i like: - red rising - redwall - The Avatar F.C. Yee Books - Cyber Shogun Revolution - Iron Widow - Children of Blood and Bone i don't care about particular tropes or "trope bundles" as I like to call them and are prevalent in sci-fi / fantasy and *especially* YA stuff. as long as it's interesting I'll read it. i haven't gotten to read much in grad school so i have lots to catch up on

**Summary:** Miles Morales catapults across the Multiverse, where he encounters a team of Spider-People charged with protecting its very existence. When the heroes clash on how to handle a new threat, Miles must redefine what it means to be a hero. **Director:** Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers, Justin K. Thompson **Writers:** Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, Dave Callahem **Cast:** * Shameik Moore as Miles Morales * Hailee Steinfeld as Gwen Stacy * Oscar Isaac as Miguel O'Hara * Jake Johnson as Peter B. Parker * Issa Rae as Jessica Drew * Brian Tyree Henry as Jefferson Davis -- **Rotten Tomatoes:** [95%](https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/spider_man_across_the_spider_verse) **Metacritic:** [86](https://www.metacritic.com/movie/spider-man-across-the-spider-verse)

1050 pieces, took about two days. Not a terribly difficult build if you've done any nanoblock before but I wouldn't recommend it as a first project. This one is unique because the arms, legs and wings rotate a little.

my Retroid Flip came in yesterday and I'm already a big fan of it. got RetroArch and Daijisho so it's good to go. so give me your retro game reps! This thing can play games on Android, and the following consoles (that I care about) - NES - SNES - N64 - Sega Master System - Sega CD - Sega 32X - Sega Saturn - Sega Dreamcast - Neo-Geo - PS1 - Game Boy - Game Boy Color - Game Boy Advance - Nintendo DS - Playstation Portable It can also play every Arcade System (MAME, etc) and home computer (amiga, the C64 i guess lol) it plays some stuff on the GameCube and PS2, but not very well. throw whatever at me, doesn't matter how obscure! the only caveat is that for DS games, stuff that rarely uses touch controls is preferred unless it has a dpad patch like the zelda games.