Bill Gates’ money manager [Michael Larson] is accused of racism, inappropriate sexual remarks and bullying. He has not been fired.

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something theyre extremely near losing before next election

warning to all, this guy does nothing but spread russian propaganda all day. check their post history.

is there any way to losslessly convert a whole recursive file directory of .m4a files to .opus
i have a bunch of .m4a files in one folder, 1000s. can i automate their conversion somehow?

exactly, stop depending on esoteric libraries

this isnt worth the time, it’s not a dependency of a huge piece of software

imagine how pissed they are. or maybe they silently alerted the microsoft guy themselves as they only did it for cash and theyd been paid

no it isnt, russia has had ti get them off of north korea which cant even hit their targets preciswly. fuckinf brainwashed

not all they had 🙄. if they sent their troops moscow would fall in a week, wagner proved what didnt need to be proven

ik youre not affiliated but any insight on how they have paid versions as rheyre agpl3

how do you check what license something is when it doesnt say on github
hey all, checking [zrythm]( out but it doesnt give a license and it's license file has a whole bunch of licenses?

did you just creative commons kerala? is that even how that works. i cant just run a pc program to creative commons every possible phrase

how do you check for individual countries?

is blue light from led so bad cause it’s harder to make blue leds and thus the color range is more limited than red and green for what a blue light produces and thus causes our brains to get confused
i watched the veritsatum video on blue led and this sleep video at 29:30 and my brain connected dots

podman is better but thats just my opinion btw

i guess if you wabt kther gpl licensed projects to uze it? qould make sense if there was an agpl that was compatible with gpl (so all the protections of agpl but the extra ones can be dismissed ONLY for gpl projects)

uhhh, yeah they were inept. failed a fucking poisoninf attempt on an airplane. or did he just jntentjoanlly eat a novichok sandwich??

so the fsf should make a new term and legally trademark it and enforce breaches? someone more knowledgable email them

is there an open source way to recover deleted files from Android Internal Storage?
hi all, accidentally deleted some audio files i need an hour ago. any way to get them back?

What’s the point of the Processing IDE?
Hi all, as a child I spent a lot of time working in the Processing language. Does this have any transferrable use cases / what's the point it even exists?

Stop being elitist, spread Linux!
Linux needs to grow. Stop telling people it's 'tech-y' or acting like you're more advanced for using it, you are scaring away people. Linux Mint can be used by a senile person perfectly. Explain shortly the benefits, 'faster, more secure, easier to use, main choices of professionals and free'. Ask questions that let you know if they need to dual boot, 'do you use Adobe, anti-cheat games, or Microsoft Office', 'how new is your computer', 'do you use a Mac'. And most importantly, offer to help them install. They don't understand the concept of distros, just suggest Linux Mint LTS Cinnamon unless they're curious. That's it, spread Linux to as many people as possible. The larger the marketshare, the better support we ALL get. We can fight enshittification. Take the time to spread it but don't force it on anyone. AND STOP SCARING PEOPLE AWAY. Linux has no advertising money, it's up to us. Offer family members or friends your help or copy and paste the below how to install linux: 1) copy down your windows product key 2) backup your files to a harddrive 3) install the linux mint cinnamon iso from the linux mint website 4) use etcher (download from its website) to put the iso on a usb flash drive 5) go into bios 6) boot from the usb 7) erase the storage and install 8) press update all in the update manager 9) celebrate. it takes 15 minutes. edit: LET ME RE-STATE, DO NOT FORCE IT ON ANYONE. and if someone is at the level of ignorance (not in a derogatory fashion) that they dont know what a file even is genuinely dont bother unless theyre your parents cause youll be tech support for their 'how do i install the internet' questions.

are code editors just text input clis and an interpreter you select
hi all, noob at this. are code editors just notepad but with text highlighting, file opening, and interpreters which you use a terminal application to execute?

is there a foss project to automatically sort files
do you know that minecraft mod that autosorts your inventory? is there are project that can autosort a messy file system and put all of your files of a similar nature into a well organised, well named order. obviously this would require ai that could do image, language, and audio recognition but is there anything in the works? i can imagine this would speed up distrohopping by 10x. ai powered file management

how do i install the latest version of neovim (for nvchad) linux mint
hi all, i tried installing through apt and got an older 0.6.4 and i tried installing through an appimage but for some reason nvchad didnt accept it. also what is nerdfonts and is that the default for linux mint? been at this for an hour and am very confused

Best FOSS QR Generator?
Looking for an application that can run on Macs that generates Dynamic or Static QR codes!

are wayland and pipewire building off of weaker systems
hi all, to my understanding the above are like WINE in that they try to remedy an unideal situation and thus have to operate with older protocols. is that understanding correct or are they independent / capable of being independent

Edit: Flatpak (possibly regression) issue caused by either xdg-desktop-portal-gtk and/or xdg-desktop-portal-gnome
Former title: SSD having issues after I filled up its storage I wrote this poorly last time so here's a more clear description: Hey all, so I filled my SSD up on Linux Mint and it's running sluggishly. I deleted more than half of my storage but there's still issues. It can read / write fast according to my inexperienced testing and I have trimmed it (to my knowledge) but there's still issues. Loading up programs now takes 30 seconds (even something like VLC which typically took like 0.5 seconds). Loading new audio files into VLC can take 10 seconds. I have checked my system monitor and nothing seems out of place. Also, when the program starts running, it runs perfectly. The computer itself is fast but loading anything new takes ages. Does anyone have any ideas? It's a new laptop, not even two months old. Edit: This is somehow, and strangely, a Flatpak issue apparently? It was triggered either by a full SSD or the new Linux Mint 21.3 Cinnamon update. Edit 2: Interesting experiment result 'it took 30 seconds but this got outputted and then the file ran: dave@dog: ~$ flatpak run org.x.Warpinator Gtx-Message: 14:29:03.389: Failed to load module "xapp-gtk3-module" Using landlock for incoming file isolation' It appears there's either a xdg-desktop-portal-gtk and/or xdg-desktop-portal-gnome error and I'm not alone, Mint and Arch users are both reporting it as of recent strangely??? This was a real sneaky fu(ker as it dodged all logical system testing. The only reason I caught it was cause it was suspicious how fast system programs booted and how flatpaks booted like sh(t. Not sure if I'm even right about the module, but I'm highly suspicious Some comment mentioned this and it explained it well: Random shot, because it's probably not an issue on Mint like it was on Arch a few months ago, but xdg-desktop-portal problems can cause apps to take forever to load, but run fine once loaded. edit: Try removing xdg-desktop-portal-gtk and/or xdg-desktop-portal-gnome

linux mint became super slow
so im not sure if this is update related or storage related. somewhere online told me to check 'page faults' and theyre at 16998 MINFL and 114 MAJFL. i ran out of storage on my ssd so i clesred half of it by deleting timeshift snapshots (and disabled it). it's still running like a slug. once an application is open, it's fine. but beforehand? it takes 20 seconds to open vlc. loading a new .mp3 audio for vlc takes maybe 10 or so. it started before the update when i totallt ran our of stroage so i assume it's that. im confused as to if it's some process stealing resources.

is there any way to attach an audio to an image without re-encoding either
no matter what i do, the image goes fuzzy when i put an audio on it. anyone know how to make either shotcut or kdenlive output losslessly and in a 1:1 ratio. sorry i know this sounds dumb but im trying

how do i efficiently attach audio to an image
hi all, ive tried using shotcut and kdenlive but the outputted file ends up being huge. i have a single image and want to put audio on top (releasing a song) but these programs end up making video files where they render the same image on each frame and the files end up being huge. what is the best way to achieve my use case of making a single photo music 'video' that doesnt degrade the quality of the image and can be posted to youtube? tl;dr: need a still image video (image is lossless) where rhe imsge isnt reduplicared and has audio

can anyone actually set up doom emacs with the flatpak?!!
if so, a video would be cool. ive been troubleshootinf this for a week now and canr get it to work

favourite unknown artist?
under 5000 monthly listeners

what does your android / iphone home screen look like
comment a screenshot! also if youre usinf android what launcher / widgets / icon pack. considering the flurry of responses someone with the know-how should make a community about this