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This looks to just be promoting a product via linking to it on Tumblr. I will be removing this post.

Hey, even if the above is a bad faith argument, this is not a constructive or nice way to bring that up in conversation. Please try to do a better job of communicating going forward. Thanks!

OP made a normal post. This is uncalled for and rude. Please try to interact with others in a more friendly manner.

I am not an expert and just cobbled this together based on a couple of searches but my guess would be that the adapter is supported by your current kernel drivers but not as well as whatever drivers Windows 10 was able to fetch. It looks to me like MX uses Debian Stable sources, so you may be able to update your kernel beyond what is normally available and see if that helps. If that doesn’t work, based on this post and this post on the TP-Link forums, there’s a github repo that you may be able to install a better driver from. To my eyes there’s fairly good instructions there, including the potential need to disable the driver you’re already using in favor of the new one once you build it.

Hi! This is a good post, however we don’t typically allow copying and pasting the full article content into the body of the post. I’m going to remove this post, but please feel free to repost it with just a link and a summary. Thanks!

October Make Something Month: Showcase
Howdy y’all! This thread is for anyone who worked on a project for the make something month to post about it. Feel free to share pictures and links, or just write about the experience. I hope people enjoyed, and I'll see you all next year!

October Make Something Month: Belated Time Call
Howdy y’all! I meant to post this on Halloween but then got distracted with Halloween and travel. If you're still working, this is your time to stop, though if you need finishing touches or anything to document your project feel free to continue on that. This final update post, so comment below with your progress and challenges. See you all in a few more days for the showcase!

October Make Something Month: Kickoff
Howdy y'all! It's October 1st, so make something month has begun. If you would like to participate, post below with what you are planning to do. There's really no rules, you've just got to make something. Every week after this I'll post a thread for weekly updates, and then on the last day of the month a final update post. About a week later we will do a showcase thread, just in case people need some time for finishing touches or to take photos. Anyway, good luck and I am looking forward to seeing what everyone makes!

Hey, I know this is probably a topic you are very passionate about. However the mod team is starting to see a pattern of behavior from you n terms of failing to assume good faith and turning arguments toward personal attacks. This is not okay going forward. While Beehaw is much larger than it was a few weeks ago, it is still very small; you will have to interact with everyone you speak with again, and there are no points for the biggest slam dunk on someone else in a comment thread. Consider if you would say the things you are writing to your next door neighbor, knowing that you’ll have to see them again every day for potentially years to come.

https://archive.org/ is a great resource, their stuff can be a bit older but is still very useful.

This comment could stand to be nicer and/or more open to further discussion, like some of the others in the thread. Please try to incorporate that into your future comments.

Not a direct answer to your question, but if you can upload the images elsewhere and link to here, that would be best. Storage is the biggest server expense and image hosting drives that up a lot long term.

The thing that upsets me most about this article is that when I try other search engines, I still find myself needing to use Google to find certain things. Usually that’s information or questions and not products, but if it’s this bad for Google I can’t imagine it’s any easier on the others.

Probably want to play with enemies off though. I find with enemies on the constant possibility of attack makes it hard to focus on audio content, plus combat requires your attention when it happens.

Hey y’all, this is a great post, but please try to keep topics relating to the reddit blackout on the appropriate megathread, which should be pinned here: https://beehaw.org/post/550898

Going to lock this to focus further discussion.

Hey, not sure if you’re maybe more used to Mastodon or something, but the hashtags in the title don’t have any particular effect here. Not sure what your goal with them was exactly, but figured I’d let you know.

Not an admin but longtime user and moderator here. I think it’s pretty unlikely that we would create communities for individual users to blog in, that would intro a lot of clutter. That said @BobQuasit@beehaw.org, we would be happy to have your posts in Technology or maybe Chat if you felt they were a little more rambly, but if you want to try something on another instance or maybe Mastodon, that’s good too.

I’ve had better weeks. One of my guinea pigs who has been sick for a while got sick enough that she had to be put down, with the added bonus that this became obvious about 15 minutes before I had to go meet my new landlord to pick up the keys to my new apartment. On the plus side, moving into the new apartment has been easy, I thought I would need to do a lot of back and forth to move stuff before the movers come to take the big things, but seems like that’s mostly done. Also, my other guinea pig is doing well despite the loss of her friend, so that is good also.

Not sure there’s a remindme bot, I haven’t seen many bots around here. Might be best to set your own reminder if you want to come back to this.