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Yes, if I didn’t know any details about what specifically happened or where in the house it happened. I think I would just put it out of my mind and never think about so it wouldn’t ever bother me. If I knew too much I could see it coming to mind more easily and potentially being an issue for me.

MSG isn’t “bad” at all, it’s just another ingredient really. The campaign against it was entirely bullshit that was driven by racism against Asian people because it’s a common ingredient in Chinese food.

If you pay there’s an option for chatgpt4 that can use Bing to search. There’s also various plugins that can let it interact with all sorts of additional data sources. Not that you should use it like a search engine exactly, but it can be useful for search if you configure it correctly and understand that it doesn’t “know” anything.

I paid $15 or something like that in the first wave of the Kickstarter. The most recent time I tried to play was within the past few years, maybe last year. I remember I found it frustrating because I had no idea what to do so I ran around trying to find my ship, I think I rode on a subway kind of thing to a big empty spaceport. I never actually made it into space before I gave up and uninstalled it again because it was so boring and frustrating.

I find I occasionally need to turn it off and back on, sometimes it starts tiling things weird.

That may be what happened but Reddit management definitely knew about what was going on because they created a special “Pimp Daddy” trophy just for that one mod as a kind of public reward for his work. Reddit was complicit to some degree.

I don’t really have enough experience with them yet to have specific thoughts but my impression is they are very basic currently and need a lot of work. One thing that’s really important is being able to do bulk actions against multiple users quickly. I remember the times when big attacks would happen and we would have a sudden flood of obvious problem users posting comments blatantly intended to cause disruptions, being able to efficiently respond in the moment to that scenario can be really important. It sucks when the mod team lacks the ability to respond quickly because in the meantime users trying to have a real conversation end up getting harassed, angered, and driven away with the impression the mods are worthless. You don’t want to have to fight your tools and spend a bunch of time per individual action because by the time you get to dealing with the full swarm of trolls the conversation might have really taken a turn or be basically over so you end up cleaning things up after it doesn’t make much difference for the users. Also, bots like automod are extremely useful and important so I would say the fediverse needs them ASAP. I never messed with the bots when I was mod but they were definitely like a force multiplier for the mod team.

Not that I’m aware of, but this was many years ago now so things could be different. I personally wouldn’t have wanted any kind of public reward because that can paint a target, you get direct messages from problem users and other issues that come with recognition. I never publicly mentioned being a mod anywhere on Reddit, it was one of the things the mod team warned new mods about because trolls and other problem users will start targeting you directly.

I was a mod on a big sub for awhile many years ago and it was a literal horrowshow every day. It was an endless torrent that never stopped, the mod team basically ran 24/7. It was guaranteed you would see at least some fucked up bigotry every time you looked in the queue because the sub was a regular target for those people. It was really just a nonstop firehose of all the worst the internet has to offer, one reported Reddit comment at a time, forever. The tools I had access to were janky browser plugins and things like that, stuff previous mods had built themselves years before because the actual Reddit tools were inadequate. The sub involved so much moderation the team was very organized and you had to put in a certain amount of work every month, it really was like a part time job where you get to set your own hours but can be “fired” for slacking. You often feel emotionally drained afterwards just like a real job, and you start feeling anxious when you “clock in” because fuck not this same miserable bullshit yet again, just like a real job. I have so much respect for quality moderation, it is not at all easy in any way.

As far as I know, it’s not really true that those marks have to be included to protect a trademark. Definitely there’s no expectation that individuals should be using them in normal communications. Unless you actually work for the company and are told to include a mark on company branding, it’s really not something to ever worry about.

I used Power Delete Suite to overwrite my comments and posts via API, it includes an option to export everything from your account to a CSV before it takes any destructive actions, and it’s super easy to use.

Have you updated recently? A jerboa update came out earlier today and it seems to run better now for me.

Blood Meridian is absolutely incredible. If you love literature it’s worth the suffering for sure. The audiobook version is a great experience too, the narrator completely nails it and brings the dense language alive.

All of the most popular lemmy instances have been having issues while they deal with the massive user growth. I expect it will get better over time as things get figured out and lemmy devs make improvements. I don’t know what’s wrong with lemmy.ml specifically but it will probably be back online soon, I think one of the main lemmy devs runs it so it’s not like they are going to abandon it now that lemmy is taking off.

Just kicked it off on my account, it’s currently rewriting every Reddit comment I ever made. Feels good.

It’s definitely up there as one of the absolute worst AMAs of all time.

You can tell Reddit PR folks got their word in on this article.

Until recently I think lemmygrad was the most active instance and it’s full of communists, including obnoxious tankies who scared off new users and contributed the reputation.

I run PopOS on my laptop. It’s been really solid, except Linux doesn’t support the speaker amp so I can only get sound out via the headphone jack or bluetooth.

I’m new so this may not be completely accurate but my understanding is that individual users can’t block other instances entirely, that can only be done at the instance level by the instance admins. Individual users can only block other individual users or communities.

That’s about where I am. Spez making up a blackmail/extortion accusation against the Apollo dev is just so completely damning. I have no faith left in anything the Reddit admins say at this point, and it’s hard to imagine what they can do to change that.

What client? I’m new here too and when I first tried Jerboa on my phone it wouldn’t let me login after the first time. It started working again after I deleted and re-added my account and has been working consistently ever since.