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tied with Outer Wilds

I knew you were cool 😎

Journey is also fantastic. I didn’t get to play it until it was on PS4 but I absolutely loved it. An extremely unique experience that had my jaw on the floor with how beautiful it looked. I feel like I should try that Sky MMO kind of game the studio made that just got launched for more platforms… Doubt it can live up to journey but who knows

The saddest moment of every outer wilds fan is the realization it cannot be played again :'(

Yessss!! Everyone needs to play the game ༼⁠ ⁠つ⁠ ⁠◕⁠‿⁠◕⁠ ⁠༽⁠つ

I’ve been watching streamers I like playing it so I can relive it in some small way

Nice! I got pretendo set up too. Mainly to play Mario maker though. It’s an awesome service

Weekly “What are you playing” Thread || Week of April 14th
Whatcha all been playing! I got the itch for outer wilds again, which I can't really play anymore (😭) So I decided to start a game I've wanted to play for a while that I thought could scratch a similar itch: ghost trick phantom detective. It's really good!

My favorites:

  • Mario maker 2
  • Metroid dread
  • Mario Odyssey
  • Botw and totk
  • Metroid prime remaster
  • Advance wars 1+2
  • Mario 3d world + bowsers fury (really mainly just for bowsers fury, although 3d world is good too)
  • Cadence of Hyrule (crypt of the necrodancer x Zelda)
  • Pikmin 4
  • Mario wonder
  • Mario RPG
  • smash ultimate
  • probably some other wiiu ports I’m forgetting

Def agree with doing botw first if you want to do both. Though I suspect you’ll want a break in between the two. They’re both extremely meaty games

Archive link: Also this news sucks 😭

A very timely “Weekly “What are you playing” Thread || Week of April 7th”
On time this time :) Whatcha been playing! After uploading my 3ds spot pass data I've been on a wario ware gold binge, trying to complete all missions in the game.

Oh yeah I played a ton of re5 coop back in the day. Eventually you can unlock the “professional” difficulty and it’s wild. Basically 1 shot deaths and the revive meter goes down in less than a second. You have to be right next to your partner at all times if you want to be able to revive them before it’s game over…

Still pushed through it and beat it though 😂

While I do agree the village opening is probably the best part of the game, there are still a good amount of set pieces that I think live up to that first part. The cabin, outside the castle, the swamp, the chainsaw sisters, the mines, the first regenerador part. Chapter 5 does lean a little too heavily into corridor shooter I agree. But I think the rest does a good job keeping things fresh

It’s not that it’s set in Africa and has black people. I do think that was part of the controversy when it launched. But what people still think about today is the portrayal of the Ndipaya, a fictional tribe in the game. That stuff is a little…

Agree on 5. I really hope the remake can do what the 4 remake did for the original. 5 is still to me one of the best coop games out there. While not a great horror game, they really nailed the multiplayer aspect. But, yeah, some moments and subjects in the game are… Yeah. 5 is a game that has not aged well, not due to it’s gameplay, but from the stuff surrounding it. I expect the remake to do a lot better in this regard and I’m crossing my fingers 🤞

I adore resident evil. Most mainline games in the series hold a special place in my heart, from the originals through all the remakes.

However none hold a more special place to me than re4. I’m obviously not alone in adoring this game but dang, it’s really just so fucking good. Every friend I’ve been able to convince to play in the present day has been shocked at how well it holds up today. Sure the controls are kinda weird (they truly are just the tank controls of the OG’s but from an over the shoulder perspective), but it honestly works for the game. With the Re4hd mod that was in the works for many years finally out, the game looks great today too.

Re4 was my favorite game of all time, and while I was excited for the remake, I didn’t really think the game had any shot at dethroning the original. But god damn it did. Somehow the remake surpassed my sky high expectations. It’s just really damn good. It somehow brings a 2 decade old game that aged majestically into the modern era even better. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the original and I still plan on playing it, but the remake is just superb. I couldn’t be more happy that I get two ridiculously amazing versions of my all time favorite.

So yeah. Play re4. Game slaps. Also the other games are amazing. Except 6, i know some enjoy it, but it’s one of my personal most disliked games

I took the “100” part to be that someone was mocking the people who were happy the Nazi/racist symbolism was being addressed by management.

Obviously we only have the article to go off of, but the symbols/ numbers mentioned are definitely Nazi symbols, so if there were a bunch of those symbols (all on one single room I might add) that absolutely seems suspect

I’ll leave this stickied until the servers shut off on the 8th, 4pm PDT.

Important note, you do not need a modded 3ds / wiiu to do this.

However, from my experience, if you do have a modded 3ds, the process is really quick, and I highly encourage doing it. If your 3ds already has universal updater, and is connected to the Internet, downloading the tool and running it takes like 5 min. The tool also uploads the data for you, so once you run it, your job is done!

Thank you DreitonLullaby for bringing this to attention!

Fwiw, if you have a cfw 3ds (and it sounds like you do :)) the process is crazy easy. Just download the program it talks about, run it while your 3ds is connected to the Internet, and it’ll grab the dump and upload it for you. From downloading the CIA file on universal updater, to running the tool. It takes like 5 min. It’s very quick and easy!

To end my saga, turns out I actually had my 3ds with me lol. I’m in the process of moving and thought I had already moved it up to the destination but I hadn’t! Mine is all uploaded :)

Ah I didn’t notice the timezone listed up there. I should probably be good then! Sweet

I’m unfortunately away from my 3ds until very late the night of the 7th. Hoping I can get mine in before the deadline 🙏

A very late “Weekly “What are you playing” Thread || Week of March 31st”
Apologies for being late on this. It completely slipped my mind! I drove across the country to continue moving stuff up north over the weekend, and just lost track of time I suppose. The threads here now! Expect another one on Sunday. ❤️

It’s been a while since I played so idk if it’s been happening recently, but they have re-run the events a few times over in the past, but I just wish they’d make it a permanent thing. I get the point of it is to make it limited so it’s harder to look it up ahead of time, and you can’t save during it so you have to do it in one shot. It’s a glorified daily run in a rogue like game. Except instead of being randomly generated they actually created whole new scenarios around it with new voice acting and briefs and everything. Let them have their timed event where you have to do it in one shot, and give the people a trophy or something. But make the content available to play whenever you want after that…

Totally agree. Everything else aside, the fomo aspect of these games really irritate me. When destiny 2 completely ripped out their original campaign the game launched with I was baffled. Destiny’s moment to moment gameplay is bluntly, really damn good. The gun play feels great. But when you have to dedicate all your time to 1 game to get everything out of it? Nah, not for me. With stuff like halo infinite and helldivers, I do love that the battle pass which are normally timed things, are always available. You never get locked out of anything by not playing on a certain day, or month, or year.

Don’t even get me started on the new hitman games and their elusive contracts. That’s the stuff that grind my gears. Game is great and fun. But you want to play these special missions we made? Well you better be on and playing during this 1 week, and then they’re never there again!

On the one hand, there is definitely a part of me that thinks it’s kinda neat that a f2p game with not super predatory monetization has gotten so much support for so many years. I’m well aware that around Lemmy people think any monetization is bad but tbh fortnite really doesn’t do it that bad. It’s all cosmetic, you can earn most of the currency by playing and advancing the battle pass. It’s not the worst example out there. The game is very accessible and can be totally free if you want it to be

At the same time I have 0 interest in fortnite or any other live service game. I hate that live service games have a tendency to remove old content over time. Give me a live service game that’s fun, doesn’t have fomo, and isn’t predatory with micro transactions… I guess that’s kinda helldivers rn which I am enjoying but we’ll see how it shapes up as time goes on.

Overall, it’s bleh news because it just reinforces companies continuing down this path of a model that encourages lost media and nickel and diming you for everything…

I mean I suppose there are quite a few of those genres being made, but I for one certainly don’t hate it lol. Dead cells is one of my favorite games ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Plus this indie studio working on a prince of Persia game does not stop another studio from also working on a prince of Persia game. I mean we just got a metroidvania game in the series

Hiiiiiii good to see you! Girl! 🫵


Binding of Isaac for sure. Been playing on and off since I was in high school and there is just so much content there and new crazy synergies to find. Across all platforms I have well over a thousand hours. Hoping I can 100% it some day!

Weekly “What are you playing” Thread || Week of March 24th
Whatcha all been playing? Been kind of sick this week so I took it easy but still found some time to get some Isaac runs in. Also started up rogue legacy 2 again which is a good time

I understand the open world fatigue, but everything resident evil recently has been banger after banger. I LOVE resident evil and am eager to see what they do with this. Even r3make, while short and having a lot of cut content isn’t a bad game. I have faith in them to make a good game here.

That’s awesome! I unfortunately never got to play the original (unless you count the watered down 3ds version haha) but was super into the sequel for a good while. I love Mario maker a lot but more than anything it got me into smw rom hacks! Still trying to put together one of my own

Well you’re certainly allowed to believe that. The mods say they have been shown the proof that he is telling the truth so I suppose you have to take their word for it. According to ThaBeast721 in the discord:

Ahoyo showed it to a small group of us and a much more detailed story. I hope he has a way to show someone else how to implement it the tas. I’d like that

Well I suppose it depends on your definition of cheated 😛

It’s true that the community did not know a tas existed until today. So really only 1 actual tas (that we know of) was made. There were however a lot of glitches (and I believe some hacks) that made it into levels that either: got deleted by Nintendo from the servers, or became unbeatable due to the game getting patched and the glitch no longer being possible.

A slightly unrelated but also interesting point. A ton of levels that were uploaded to the game were deleted by Nintendo. The reason being that in Mario maker 1 only, Nintendo would delete any levels that didn’t get a star (equivalent to mm2’s “like”) after 1 month being uploaded. The numbers that the team 0% discord reports are:

Total remaining uploaded levels: 10,610,412

Total ever uploaded levels: 68,550,789

So, nearly 60 million levels that were uploaded were deleted

I understand how you feel. But you have to keep in mind:

Mario Maker 1 requires a creator to beat their level in order to upload it to the servers. The creator did not beat the level, so it’s an “illegitimate upload” (as team 0% is putting it).

It definitely seems possible to beat, but for team 0% goals, I understand the decision

Super Mario Maker 1 is now beaten!
So the last level, "Trimming the herbs", has not been beaten. However the elusive creator of the level made an announcement that the level was indeed a TAS (tool assisted). Here is the announcement from the team 0% discord > WE DID IT! EVERY LEVEL IN SUPER MARIO MAKER 1 IS CLEARED! Trimming the Herbs was in fact a TAS, making 'The Last Dance' the final level cleared! Ahoyo published a statement regarding this which you can read here: #tth We ask you not to harass Ahoyo or anyone else over this and not cause any unnecessary drama. Keep the discourse healthy and rational. > @yamada_smm2 , who cleared 'The Last Dance' and with that the final uncleared level in Super Mario Maker 1, on March 15 2024, also earns the custom 'Last Choreographer' role. > A HUGE THANKS to everyone who was here from day 1, to everyone who cleared a level, routed a level, or just cheered us on! This is gaming history, and YOU are part of it! > GRATZ! Additionally, here is Ahoyo's statement on his level: > TTH was made to be unreasonably difficult and to cause a ruckus. I put effort into promoting it in 2017 so that it could be played, dissected, and scrutinized. Once that would happen I would announce that TAS existed for SMM. I did not expect that it would go unnoticed or perceived as easy from watching the video, or that it would take nearly seven years to be uncovered. The sunk cost fallacy of wanting to follow through with the failed troll, combined with new IRL responsibilities, allowed the nonsense to continue. I knew about Team 0% so I let things be until they would uncover it. I delayed uploading bombs5 until the uploads shut down because bombs5 is also illegitimate. I deserve no credit for either, and will not deny Team 0% their victory. > From attempting to upload bombs5 I developed tendon issues in my thumb. After some breaks and noticing they weren’t healing properly, it became unrealistic to continue. Once I accepted this, I felt a sense of relief. > Someone had messaged me about a TAS they were working on for the Wii U. In a video they sent, it seemed to me like they had it working, but they told me they were abandoning the project. The TAS was replicated by my friend after two days of building.. > Because I had already resigned to leave streaming and pursue other things, and suddenly had a working TAS, I thought that the bomb guy should go out with a bang, so TTH was constructed. The PogChamp contest was made because I wanted there to be a venue for kaizo enthusiasts to gather. The judges were doing a live viewing of the contest levels, and I let them know that I (intentionally) broke the timer rules and that after showcasing TTH, they should disqualify me. > The past week, when the time bomb finally blew up, things escalated quickly, and the community was divided, which was not my intention. I’m sorry for the drama it caused within the community, and I regret the ordeal, but at least it was interesting. However in the end the truth matters most. Congratulations to Team 0% for their well-earned achievement! SMM is cleared, and The Last Dance was the last level!

Yeah I’m kind of puzzled by it too lol. I wish they had just kept their original solution of using Macs to run iMessage. Perhaps if they had gotten popular it still would have been blocked, but their whole strategy of being super open about it is odd. I suppose they thought they could fight it but evidently that wasn’t the case.

Overall though I agree with the post, the app is really nice, the new android version is super slick and if they can get all the other connections working locally like they want, it’ll be even better

Weekly “What are you playing” Thread || Week of March 17th
Hey y'all! What have you been playing? I'm back from out of town and am back on that helldivers 2 grind 🫡 Also continuing my quest for dead god in binding of Isaac. Just got all of the losts completion marks!

The second video with ThaBeast explaining the level shows the creators upload video yes. The level creator must beat the level for it to get uploaded to the servers. So in this case uncleared means a level not cleared by anyone other than the creator.

There is Only One Level Left to be Beaten in Super Mario Maker 1
Super Mario Maker 1 is a level creation game / tool released by Nintendo for the Wii U in 2015. It's been bought over 7.5 million times, and has had thousands upon thousands of levels created. Sometime around 2021, Nintendo ceased the ability to upload new levels to Mario Maker 1 (Mario maker 2 had been out for a couple years at this point) In comes [Team 0%]( This team had existed for a bit already, as a team that wanted to make sure there was no unbeaten levels in Mario maker 1 and 2. With the news of no more levels for the original, the goal was actually attainable for the first time ever. Fast forward to October 2023, Nintendo announces all online functionality will cease for 3ds and Wii U titles in early April (specifically April 8th 2024). Now Team 0% had a time limit to finish. Many highly skilled Mario maker players came together to try and "beat" the game. Well as of an hour or so ago, the second to last level, a New Super Mario Bros style level called "The Last Dance" was cleared by japanese player Yamada as seen here So.... One level left. The community has a few weeks to finish it. Is it hard? Well..... I'll let ThaBeast721 (a very skilled player who has completed a fair number of these last levels) explain the level: So, it's really hard. But the end is in sight. Mario Maker 1 is one level away from being fully beaten!

Back in CA for a friend’s wedding. Went to a bar with a cover charge for men. Got charged the cover charge :/

Basically killed my vibe the rest of the night

Weekly “What are you playing” Thread || Week of March 10th
What have you all been playing! Still on my usual binding of Isaac and helldivers grind, but I'm also getting back into elden ring to get ready for the dlc coming later this year! 🤩

Well written y’all. Happy to be here and thanks for continuing to advocate for our ethos!

You can go here:

And enter the URL. It will either be saved, or not, and will ask if you want to save it

Huh, works for me with ublock origin on mobile. Haven’t tried on desktop. Here’s an archive link though:

Weekly “What are you playing” Thread || Week of March 3rd
What have you all been playing! Still on my helldivers and binding of Isaac grinds. Spreading managed democracy through the galaxy 💪

Interesting. I ended up enjoying the sequel a lot more than the original. I’m a metroidvania junky and I found the second one to scratch that itch a lot better than the first. Both are great though. The art is outstanding and was worth tinkering with my monitors HDR settings to get just right

Weekly “What are you playing” Thread || Week of February 25th
Hey y'all, what have you been playing! Well for me I have been on a big helldivers 2 kick lol. I got into it kinda slowly but am fully hooked now and spent most of the week playing it 🫡

it appears that Alan Wake 2 is on track to be even more popular than Control, with the 2023 sequel having sold 1.3 million units as of this month, the fastest selling Remedy game to date. “By comparison, Alan Wake 2 sold over 50% more copies and over three times more digital copies in its first two months than Control did in its first four months,”

I absolutely love this type of post! If there is interest I would definitely be down to make this another weekly stickied thing alongside the other thread. Anyone feel free to chime in if they want to see that

Weekly “What are you playing” Thread || Week of February 18th
Hey y'all! What are you playing? I finally starting playing Alan Wake 2 and wow I absolutely love it. I think Remedy are the most interesting devs in the AAA space and I am all on board for their connected universe! Also more binding of isaac :p

Weekly “What are you playing” Thread || Week of February 11th
What have you all been playing! Ive been grinding out binding of Isaac challenges. Yesterday I beat ultra hard which is something I never wish to put myself through again 😊 😮‍💨

😊 I appreciate you as well. Thanks for helping run a great space!!

Weekly “What are you playing” Thread || Week of February 4th
Hey y'all, what have you been playing! I'm still on my Isaac kick, and finally got my PC back to start playing Alan wake 2!

Looking for tips on meeting trans / queer folk to be friends with
Hey y'all. Curious if anyone here has some tips on meeting trans / queer friends. I've recently moved back to Seattle where I grew up. Ive found though that I am exclusively surrounded by a ton of people who only ever knew me as a guy. From family to highschool friends. They're all accepting and I still have a lot of love for them, but I would really like to meet some people I can connect with on other kinds of things. I'm surrounded too much by cis heteronormativity haha

Available here:

Weekly “What are you playing” Thread || Week of January 28th
What are you all playing! I've been playing a lot of lies of p and have been dipping my toes back into binding of Isaac!