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I would be pissed and just say “that was on purpose, fuck you”.

This CSS hides all google widgets and ad frames. The parts in the parens are element selectors and the bottom part in curly braces are where it removes visibility and size

This is how DDG is accomplishing its privacy partly. Once googles ad scripts are blocked the items in these selectors are just blank and this is to remove that weird whitespace left behind.

Crypto currency is gambling like nfts or anything else. It only has value as a hot potato.

By being a fork it wont die, but its true that its just a few folks running builds of mainstream work mozilla is doing

It’s completely negligible compared to industrial manufacturing, bitcoin mining, waste, etc.

Make a lighter website because no one gives a shit about a heavy one.

You dont. It cannot be forced. Seeing people live their lives happy as trans and being welcoming and available and accepting is all you can do.

Under 50mb is a very hard ask. Maps have a lot of data.

It gives you less fret board space to do so unless you mean it also has a bridge in there at some point.

A lot of acoustics in the 20s and 30s have very long tail pieces and a floating bridge like violins that are kind of like this.

Cutting snacking, calorie dense foods, and counting caloiries.

Calories in/calories out is the only thing that works long term. You dont go on a diet, you change how you eat permanently.

I keep bread in the freezer so i dont snack on it. I only have a small desert. Measure portions until you have a good eye for it, etc.

Working out to burn calories is unsustainable for the majority of people.

Stop drinking soda and alcohol at random. They are loaded with empty calories. You can easily drink 600-1000 calories a day with soda if you have a couple of glasses with meals and snacks.

That happens right now and usually it was the CTO that wrote that shit when the company was a startup.

We dont want AI or pocket you assholes. We want a secure browser. Stop wasting your money on this shit

This is just reality. No medical people have secure shit. I’ve worked on hospital services before and they are all security nightmares. The doctor isnt an engineer. Trust the doctor if they know what they are doing. Your data was forfeit because of capitalism not the doctor.

The “national security” bit is not wanting to get our government’s horrid actions made public.

Fuck blizzard into the sun. HR only exists to keep the company from getting sued. That’s it. They hate employees.

Let him be the last and turn their houses into museums with the money going to the countries they demolished

100% corpo bullshit but laymen have moved to google docs for better or worse.

Only accident ever. I hate ads. Always have. I go out of my way to not buy things over advertised to me.

I loathe the office for this reason. I worked with a lady that used big airport style ear protection over her airpods and if you asked her anything she would say “im so sorry im booked until x time can you email me?”

Its always about petty shit like piracy. You’d wish it was all them catching CSAM creators but thats a sliver of it. They’d be catching more rich dudes if it was.

Have you read about the actual environmental costs and material extraction needed for electric cars? EVs are about saving the auto industry when gas runs out. Not about saving the environment.

The conservative parroting usually takes a sliver of truth and runs with it while tacking on other bullshit to make it seem legit. The “anything to own the libs” is part of that dogma, but pushing a con is easier with a twisted truth to lead the bigger lies.

Crypto is a capitalism scam, not an anarchist idea. You should read up why governments want to regulate currency.

True anarchism of value is about owning the means of value. The black market is common people eschewing government set value. Crypto is a grift like inflated stocks where the last one holding it is the loser.

When feature development and short term gains are your only goals, this is what you get. Developers produce what they are incentivized to produce and “snappy” isnt as high on the list sadly.