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No shit, they were discussing the possible geopolitical implications, not saying China is uniquely duplicitous. Please use your media literacy to not insert words into people’s mouths.

Assange got e-mails for both Republican and Democratic parties from a Russian hacker associated with the Kremlin and then specifically chose to withhold the Republican e-mails and release the Democratic e-mails. If he meant anything he said about transparency, he would have released everything, but that’s not what he or his employers wanted. They wanted their puppet president in Trump, and Assange was happy to help like the Russian asset he is.

if we punish rapists for rape, good luck finding any non rapist journalists!!!

Just fucking unhinged

No you see, it feels like the US supplied it and that’s good enough for them

Like 12 idiots on the Internet who then decided to never shut the fuck up about it.