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The movie was good because it dropped all pretentiousness about where he was stealing his plot from.

Because the last bastion of zombie capitalism is pushing money around.

Folks buy this information because there are other folks willing to buy this information. And so on… and so on…

When you give up and stop counting, it becomes a pile.

Edi: And if you give up without even attempting to count, then it’s officially a “shitload”.

Professional level landscaping accessories.

Folks always seem fascinated by my keyring.

I used to use a corer/slicer combo, but it was still just faster and easier to do the quarter and trim method.

It refers to a rural area of the state. Usually with a higher income bracket.

Get out into nature.

Watch a favorite show or movie.

Make something.


Play games.

Eat a favorite food.

The little things can carry you through life.

Biden wants to massively increase ICE’s budget. Most folks on the left would rather ICE not exist at all.

“You can’t indict me because I quit!”

“We can still indict you, jackass.”

Something my brother is intimately familiar with. He was on Atkins until he had a mini stroke, and now he’s got an irregular heartbeat and swollen toes.

Didn’t learn his lesson about fad diets, though. Now he’s on one that is supposed to fix the damage done by Atkins.


Instantly makes any given name sound badass.

“I am Clancy, from the Town of the Wolves.”

They just need to start putting the stupid little mustache on him whenever they show a picture of him.

Not quite the “deadliest” of the last 4 months, but I guess it’s a bit different when it’s the blue team posting an L.