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if your updates included a new kernel try installing the kernel headers for the new kernel.

then if it’s still not working reinstall the nvidia driver.

i used to daily drive debian with proprietary nvidia drivers and it would break with every kernel upgrade

from memory, so almost certainly incorrect, the fix was simply something like

sudo apt install linux-headers-`uname -r` && sudo reboot

A basic search debunks a lot of what is in that article

They further cited a named lieutenant commander of the Danish navy and analyst at the Royal Danish Defence College for several reasons why it is not credible that such a small vessel was used for the sabotage. The force of the explosion and the widely dispersed debris implies that several hundreds of kilograms of explosives were used, an amount that is impractical to transport with such a small sailboat. Secondly, it is surprising that traces of explosives were found on the yacht, since in this case clearly no homemade explosive device was used. Thirdly, accurately placing the explosives on the bottom above the pipeline at 60–80 meters depth from a small surface vessel is practically impossible. The skepticism was shared by a named former chief analyst of the Danish Defence Intelligence Service now senior analyst in the Danish think tank Europa. The naval officer instead speculated that a submarine was used to place the explosives and pointed out that a sonar-equipped submarine can, with relative ease, accurately place a naval bottom mine with 500 kg of explosives.


The leading theory with the nord stream pipeline explosion is that putin ordered it to make “business as usual” not an option for those in russias political sphere who would have prefered the resumption of gas to europe over Putins goals in Ukraine. no pipeline, no way back. ultimately no one knows for sure who did it but thanks for bringing it up.

“Now slowly admissions are coming out that it wasn’t Russia.”

nope. Russia is still the lead suspect.

Russia blew up the nova khakovka dam in an attempt to stop Ukrainians launching amphibious assaults accross the dniepr and taking their land back.

Now that Ukrainians have a foothold on the left bank of the dniepr near Kherson all of a sudden there is talk of a radiation release from the NNP conveniently placed westwards of kherson with easterly and south easterly prevailing winds.

i’ve seen this guy in many ukraine related threads shilling for the ruskies

They blew up a dam they controlled. why not a nuclear power plant?

Go for Framework, you can upgrade components in a few years instead of buying a whole new laptop.

even better if you can stick it out for a few months and get their new one when it releases

actually not a bad idea. i live in a flat so my car is parked in a car park like 200m away from my property. if my entire town goes up in smoke then i imagine that losing data would be the least of my problems

I read somewhere recently that 90-95% of the armed forces of russia are currently engaged in Ukraine.

It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that the russian partisan excursions into the belgorod region a month or so ago were mean to highlight to potential usurpers how little resistance they would meet if they were to move now

Yeah it is pretty rough although the files don’t necessarily change all that much so if i can set up a backup somewhere and prepopulate it with my data as it stands now then incrementally keep it update it with nightly jobs then i’m hoping it’ll mostly be done by the morning.

My backup backup plan would be to buy a couple high capacity solid state disks and either take them myself or mail them to my parents once a week. The mailman has pretty high bandwidth, even if the latency is rather rough

Tbh my current plan was to just put the data on a hard drive and post it to my parents once a week/month.

Saving on an SD card definitely seems kind of sketch tho. they are notoriously unreliable

Definitely an option if I’m a bit more selective with what i back up. At the moment for the client backups i’m zipping and encrypting the entire home folder for each client once a week. I could probably write something that looks for file changes and uploads just those

[Question] How do you handle offsite backups for your setup?
I'm particularly interested in low bandwidth solutions. My connection to the internet is pretty rough 20mbps down and 1mbps up with no option to upgrade. That said, this isn't limited to low bandwidth solutions. I'm planning on redoing my entire setup soon to run on Kubernetes followed by expanding the scope of what my server does (Currently plex, a sftp server and local client backups). Before i do that i need a proper offsite backup solution.

You wont know for sure until you try. the main sticking point for gaming on linux is anti-cheat, so if you play a lot of games with that then you may run into some trouble. otherwise ProtonDB is your friend. Most games these days are pretty easy to get up and running.

A lot of AI tools are developed on linux anyway so you shouldn’t encounter too many problems there.

Browsers are no problem at all. I recommend Firefox

We had a guy who tried to do this in the UK. Everyone voted for boris though cuz brexit