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Bought github, doing shitty ai crap with it etc, forcing logins

They were doing ok. But the github thing and the 11 thing and the edging and now this - I can’t wait to buy a machine that can run windows virtualised. I need it for my work apps, but this virt thing has been a dream of mine for a long time. Compartmentalization

Hey that’s completely fine, I just quit coffee some weeks ago. It’s sooo much better for the ol’ anxiety

There is also ondsel, which is basically freecad with some polish maybe. It looks the same to me. But one day when they solve the topology renaming thing and when they have an interface that’s not openly hostile I’d love to try it

Hey I can pay you in turnips, it’s better than having a normal money operation. Like, it doesn’t matter that gumroad is turning to crap, we have turnips. People mock my turnips

played mostly by Gen Xers and Snake People

For a moment there I was really confused, I forgot about this wonderful extension

So you’re telling me a fad that doesn’t work actually… doesn’t work? Say it aint so

I think in my part of europe cable is the only realistic solution, every home cellular thing has a download limit. All of the cable offerings here are flat

A serious question - when will nvidia stop selling their products and start asking for rent? Like 50 bucks a month is a 4070, your hardware can be a 4090 but thats a 100 a month. I give it a year

I’m not talking about the article, it’s about saying no. If I need to read the article that says yes when your link says no… I’m just sick of the onslaught of defetism online where a whole bunch of people have the idea they can just ignore reality and it’s all gona fix itself. But who cares right, will all be dead because of the climate wars so it’s all cool

You can vote as left as you can and still do whatever you are saying to do. Having ultraright nazi shits in power because you’re an internet idiot will not help you - in fact it will completely rob you of the chance to ever change anything. You dumb fucks will solve the world by not fucking voting, even if the game is rigged you don’t have to be the dumbest shit about it

Isn’t Beehaw going to leave lemmy? I thought it’s a wasted effort to upgrade if we’re gonna go away?

And for the cunts who think there is an end to this kind of bullshit - a hijab is not enough, it has to be good. After that the shade of black is wrong, or the way these women breathe, or they don’t cower in a way these fucking micropenis pig-shit eating cunts like.

Lol ok, I mean you have the ultra right and the right party. They are different, but the usa has a well defined external politic which doesn’t really change. So since I’m outside to me it looks almost like china

Windows. Like everybody else in AEC, there is no alternative yet

I’ll try that, never heard about it! Steam input is an option in steam on windows, I guess it’s the same deal? Thanks for the xpadder thing, it will come in handy for sure.

Default hostility, being snarky and trying not to answer when you need help. And ‘oh that will fail in two months’ when americans look at a normal roof window. That’s about what I remember from reddit. Stuff like this warps you, being abused and gaslit and molested in any single interaction really makes you act in a different way, you can’t be honest or open in that kind of environment.

I have that edition and can’t for the life of me get my xbox controller to work with it. I swear I’ve tried ALL of the solutions people give and just gave up in the end.

They let me pay? What? You got it the wrong way, I pay for things I consider worth my money. That’s the only thing that happens, nobody is letting me pay. What a strange way of thinking

I think the original has horrible controller support, but I haven’t tried it in a long while. Just be aware of possible issues

I paid before it was free for sure, I know there wasn’t a subscription model back then. I know I tried using the webapp later and it asked for more money. It’s ok, lots of decent free options for all of that, just felt like they were touching my butt feeling for the wallet

I paid too and I don’t get to use the web app. That’s the main reason I stopped using Casts

It’s the only pwa ever to work for me. I use firefox and I’d say this is as fast as when I use jerboa. And I like the way it looks too.

This is incredible, I have to try it. As a cloud to butt user I want to get a combo somewhere

I’d try anytype too, it’s a lot of stuff and almost out of beta. It seems pretty good

I wish you luck with that class, and I expect the students get the other stuff - I have colleagues with masters degrees who aren’t really sure how stuff works outside of the downloads folder

Just wanted to say that - young people don’t grok files and folders, it’s hard for me to understand how they manage

It’s incredibly hard to snap people out of that state of mind, it takes a real toll on you. I hope trying to be good and loving will become fashionable again

Something happened with people too, after trump - it’s like everybody got a license to be an asshole. And it’s a global thing, and the people I’m talking about are the nice grandma and the completely normal woodworker. It’s still surprising somehow, the hidden hatred everywhere.

Best part is we don’t even have AI, we have keyboard prediction on steroids. Maybe that’s why it’s everywhere, not telling everybody to leave them alone.