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These posts get tens of likes but no comments, because nobody knows what to say anymore. The situation is clear, the motives have been revealed and the details are trivial, and pointless.

Should we stop talking, the situation will only decline, but should we speak the declination will happen slower.

Edit: I wrote a comment that looks pretty cool & I am somewhat proud of it, actually

Random opinion: such people people should’ve choosen a less mis-understand-able English word to refer to themselves, not English’s worst flaw but still.

“They played for 30 minutes” is confusing.

hmmm…things that don’t require much physical strength and endurance? ( Any answer that is more complex will result in a messy ideological argument, which I don’t want to engage in.

Actually, you know what? I don’t think I want to continue this argument. I am sorry for provoking your replies and then abandoning the conversion, I really am )

Edit: I usually don’t do such a thing but I’m not feeling well today.

Can you provide me with a statistical ratio of those great combatants? Specifically for those who are in the frontlines and fighting.

Men are much more suited for war, and the skill set of women is better utilized elsewhere.

And just as a note for anyone reading, when an Arab says something bad about Jews, like curse the Jews, they are referring to real Jews, as in the ones who actually follow their book*, i.e. the Zionists, not your average self-proclaimed Jew, which is the reason the word ‘Jew’ is sometimes used as a swear word, even if mostly ironically. (kind of like redditors and the French)

*: I am unqualified to talk about what’s in it, the only things I heard are horrible - mainly war rules - and I made this comment only to prevent misunderstandings by revealing different points of view.

I have a download speed of 3.5 mbps.

I never did an actual benchmark but that’s what my system monitor looks like whenever I download something.

True equality’s impossible, both are inherently different.

It’s not like that happened in every* other Arab nation.

*: You could argue some aren’t. For most of them natural resources were exploited using the corrupted puppets making all of the Arab nations’ governments.

Pushing some agenda is the only benefit it could get is getting by supporting either side, they’re both unprofitable; one’s poor and the other only accepts weapon donations.

Edit: Getting oil from naval wells also makes some sense as an explanation.

But that would solve the problem as it’s the only real solution, they would never do that.

That’s assuming the US’s intentions are good, and that this isn’t just for show.

do you believe them? I don’t, never will.

Regarding internal use, if all the users of a piece of software can access the source code by asking to access it, then it’s open source, according to GNU.

The KDE Plasma 6 open-source desktop environment

Makes me wonder, are there closed-source desktop environments for Linux?

The term Zionazi implies the Zionism isn’t enough on its own, but take my uovotr nevertheless.

Okay, how do you suggest we deal with the occupation then? Bomb Yemen? Insult Natenyahu? Try and onvince the Arabs - 400,000,000+ people - who would kill to trade their life for the death of an Israeli soldier to normalize with Israel? None of these worked if you get my meaning.

There is a difference between Gaza and Israel, and I just happened to come across a comment I can copy & paste:

"There is no such as a “civilian” in an occupying colony. Half the population in “israel” are military conscripts, and most of the other half are fascists and settlers just the same; there are very few people in the colony actually plotting/fighting against the state.

By your logic, the Viet Cong, which used the same tactics (attacking villages, taking hostages, using tunnels and guerilla warfare) and had the same goals (driving out foreign occupiers and reuniting their country) as Hamas, and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, which (regardless of its intentions and goals) resulted in the deaths of thousands of Jews at the hands of the nazis similar to how Palestinians are being killed by “israel” now after the Oct 7 assault, were “terrorists” (whatever that even means).

Hamas is currently the largest Palestinian armed resistance group (and was even directly elected by the people of Gaza at that) and deserves everyone’s support."

Consider this, this side made many genocides over the years, if genocides it the first time it wouldn’t have the chance to do to another, ans we would end up with only 2, ever heard of killing the killer?

Edit: there’s obviously better solutions than genocides but the one the world is currently doing isn’t.

Is it genocide if the people you’re killing aren’t innocent? as in, they willingly migrated to a country that exists on stolen land with the original population deprived of human rights behind a wall, and not utilizing the fact it’s the only democratic nation in area to change that, in addition to calling said original population human animals and demanding their death because you’re the choosen people deserve this land, and repeating that cycle for 70 years.

Kill the killer to prevent more killing down the line, you don’t need a religion to you that, it’s common sense, if you took someone’s life we take yours, if killing was left unpunished people would continue to kill, just google: “US genocide” and you would understand.

having the populations of all your neighboring countries want you dead since your creation should tell you something is wrong, if the middle east was democratic Israel wouldn’t exist.

This makes people on lemmy say things like “religion bad” like religions aren’t the source of most modern definitions of ‘ethics’, and makes people on lemmy promote atheism.

Am I promoting genocide? no, I’ll tell you how we can solve the problem once and for all, disband the Israeli army, send most of the population back to their home nations, and viola, is this logistically realistic? it’s as realistic as the way jews killed everyone 70 years ago and made Israel appear from nowhere and migrating that much people from all over the world it. If some jew objects, we just shoot him for terrorism, just like how he would treat others.

Also the US committed war crimes against everyone but jews, it would allow the US to 100% the war crimes book.

They’re already supporting a country comfortable with using internationally banned weapons against civilians for no apparent military goal*, destroying water treatment plants & cutting food supplies to starve a population, arresting children and torturing them, and ignoring all international law, all sponsored by the US.

In addition to bombing Yemen, one of the only 2 countries who took real action against the previous Israeli crimes.

Yeah I absolutely can’t find a reason why the US would hesitate to provide such weapons given their history with Israel.

Let’s remember all of this started when a group of people decided to kidnap ‘civilians’** to demand human rights for they population of Palestine, Israel was like: “We allowed enough food to satisfy your daily needs (Yes we calculated the calories so we don’t undercut you by much) and this is how you treat us”

*There’s at least 1 member of Hamas in Gaza, if we kill 100% of people in Gaza there’s a 100% we killed someone from Hamas; I don’t consider this a valid military goal.

** You live in the only democratic state in the area and allow the governemnt to do such things unmonitored (In the years before the war), and decide to live near the border in freshly stolen land, you hold some responsibility, and aren’t fully innocent. Also the raid was on a music festival, if you were partying while your neighbors - Gaza - are living in such conditions because of you, you deserve to be kidnapped and later killed by Israeli bombings, Hamas didn’t just attack random innocent civilians.

Edit: Sorry, I got too aggressive in the heat of moment, I deleted a block of text as a result. Also:

When I say you deserve to be later killed, I mean it in a sort of sarcastic way, that the fascist state you supported is what ends up killing you in cold blood, even if they managed to physically reach you, a sort of “die for being so much of a failure as to get abducted” message.

To quote that article: "The military said footage showed the hostages had removed their shirts and that one of them was waving a white flag but they were only identified as hostages after their bodies had been examined.’

And with that word said their leader insulted, the invasion crumbled and the Zionists retreated, their tails between their legs, in their wake, they left Gaza battered, destroyed even ruined, but not beaten, No, not beaten, and with that, our heroes can return to their everyday lives, or can they? only time will tell.

obviously that was a reference, but seriously speaking Macron took 5 months to reach Arab leader levels of effort, at least he’s upping his game unlike them.

Edit: I just noticed, Zionists does sound like a suitable name for a sci-fi alien species.

My household has more democracy than that, it’s the true only-democracy in the middle east.

Note: I put much effort into writing this, and would really appreciate you reading it, as it sheds light onto a rarely discussed point of view.

It’s certainly an interesting question, what’s their end goal? I didn’t ask that question because “Fighting the occupying force” seems like an obvious thing to do.

It’s hard to say “To destroy Israel” because it’s already a country that exists, but then again, Palestine was a country that existed too, and Israel more or less… killed everyone and deleted the country, so IT IS possible to destroy a country that exists and replace it.

I think the mid-to-long-term goals are (or at least, these would be my goals if I led Hamas):

a) Stop treating the Palestinians as human animals.

So stop the economical siege.

So stop the actual wall-based siege.

So stop using noise-planes 24/7 to break the population mentally.

b) stop mass immigration to Israel.

c) Give them a governemnt that actually seeks the interests of the population instead of US planted puppets (and while we’re at it can we do the same for the rest of the Arab nations, living under a diatatorship is painful)

Edit: d) free the Palestinian people being unjustly imprisoned and inhumanly (and internationally illegally) tortured in Israeli prisons.

e) Make Jerusalem at-least a neutral area

this is almost impossible to achieve in my opinion as both sides want to have the entirety of it for themselves for religious purposes.

Now with that out of the way let’s speak religion, regrading the ethnic cleaning part, Muslim war rules (a very good paper) allign with general moral codes, and was a pioneer of proper human rights during war, something which is missing in a practical sense even today, and throughout history you can see them being respected during the Islamic “openings” (or conquests), as Islam - as the name in Arabic implies - is a religion of peace, and we shouldn’t make wars unless necessary, and we’re limited in what we can do, and I can boil the war rules down to:

1 - Don’t kill the old, the women, and children.

2 - Don’t kill people who dedicate their lives to worshipping (hermits)

3 - No betrayal, if you come with the enemy to an agreement you have to respect it.

4 - Don’t cause unnecessary destruction to infetructure as much as possible, and try the preserve the hard work of humanity (don’t destroy for the sake of destruction)

5 - proper treatment of prisoners (See my last reply on prisoner tratement)

6 - No looting and no cutting dead bodies as a form of humiliation. (mutilating and disgracing is banned)

I am not and do not pretend to know much about Judaism, but I heard Natenyahu and Jewish religion men say things which boil down to “In war there is no mercy, spare no woman, no man, no child, don’t leave any living thing not even donkeys” (this is not a quote, and I’m willing to hear a reply from someone who knows more about Judaism), I also heard a few quotes from the Torah.

During the months this war took place in we observed both sides following the rules of their religion, and as for the supposed “Raping and beheading of children” that happened on the 7th of October, it doesn’t seem to allign with what Hamas did past that day nor with Islam*, and what Israel did pre and post the 7th of October alligns with their religion; some actions just scream: “we are the choosen population”.

I am personally of the opinion that religion doesn’t fit under the term ‘Racism’, as it’s a choice done by a person to believe in, and do certain things, even if many just treat their religion as something inhereted from their parents. Religion in the latter group is - in my opinion - the only form of religion that could fall under the word ‘Racism’, and even then it still has an effect on people, even if minor. (I think that Israel falls in the first group though)

Disclaimer: I do not support any form of mistreatment or prejudice against any individual person based on religion, as for most people - as I have said - it is just something on their ID card, because most don’t seem to care about the possibility of spending an eternity in hell for some reason.

*: It is either Israeli lies (most probable) or an insane few pretending to work for the cause who sneaked into Hamas’ ranks and do not reflect the group as a whole (least probable).

You comment seems logical, but I don’t believe Hamas wants to “kill or expel… group”, but I’m in their e/r group so there’s an obvious bias. Guessing people’s intentions is hardly an objective thing.

I mean the Palestinian resistance still has the “Give our prisoners back, and we give your prisoners back” deal, and if they really wanted to kill Israel then they wouldn’t treat prisoners that well, as they’re worth the same as long as they’re alive.

I wouldn’t say the same for Israel though, as it thinks they treat Jewsish prisoners the same way they treat people in their prisons, for example a 15-year-old Palestinian spent 8 years of his life in prison (7 at age of imprisonment) and didn’t get medical care for his broken arm until after he got release in the prisoner exchange deal.

who do you think wants to kill the other?

Israel highly encourages immigration of Jews to it from all over the world.

The Palestinian population in Gaza was under economical (siege?*) for years.

Israeli solders would regularly attack and kill Palestinian civilians.

Israel had a pilot-less plane that would fly in Gaza 24/7, which would cause annoying noise - a form of torture used in guantanamo - and when their fuel ran out they would suicide-crash on civilians.

The “Democratic Governemnt” the US/partners gave Palestine is nothing more than a means to control them, and when people in the west bank protested to support Gaza the police force arrested protestors and used violence**, and the Palestinian governemnt claims to have “30,000 soldiers with 30,000 rifles”, but they’re nowhere to be found when half the country’s in ruins, yet they complain that Hamas didn’t plan the 7th of October with them, preferring to obtain their rights through begging in the UN***. (not like it ever worked, as they’re all Israel fanboys as we’ve seen these last few months)

I am not done yet with the governemnt, do you know that Abu Mazin (The Palestinian president) had a meeting with Joe Biden during the war (And asked how his day went and wether he slept well BTW), when the US was clearly supplying the weapons that destroyed half of Palestine; Imagine if Zeliniski (Ukraine’s president) met Putin and treated him like that during the war? what would your reaction to that be?

Do you think they just took their land and left them to live in peace?

*I think that’s the right word.

**Further evidence the government’s just a puppet

***To quote the Abu Mazin: “If you had a dog, wouldn’t you protect it?”

Stop revealing our plans! Our police force can hardly arrest protestors fast enough!

-Most Governments

Excuse me, the first 3 quoted paragraphs are made twice.

So decided to take revenge on the Christians/Europeans by starving the Muslims/Arabs? Yeah that makes sense. (I am not insulting your picture of choice I am insulting Isreal, I am sure you’ll understand)

I understand you, but I felt deep emotion seeing a 640x480 scene of a sprite (kidnapped female slave) punching another sprite and using some edgy language. Yes, it did require me to stop for a minute to imagine everything for it to hit this deep - which the game’s turn based mechanics helped me with.

I also feel the less detailed something is, the more HORRIFYING and VIOLENT it appears, as it stimulates imagination much more than HD scenes in games and movies, where most of the times that won’t be able to create something more SHOCKING that what you imagined (The modern +13 goal in games and movies plays a role too, so there might be bias)

There was a pirated TV channel that specialized - mostly - in horror movies, it had horrible audio and video quality - especially the bitrate, everything that appeared on the channel was horrifying, the lack of clearness induced a feeling similar to fearing the dark, the low bitrate in particular meant that you - the viewer - was practically blind in every fast scene, which dramatically increased the suspense.

You might tell me to just go read a book if I want to use my imagination, and actually that’s a pretty nice suggestion.

PS: the game in the first paragraph is the first Fallout if anyone’s wondering. I also barely heard of Ghost of Tsushima (or most modern games outside of FF7R)

The article has a ‘👀’ emoji before important parts, which shortens it somewhat. (I fully read everything)

(I didn’t read skimped through the article)

Just make games with older graphics; it’s cheaper, reduces visual bloat, and encourages player imagination to fill in the gaps, and investing xxx million dollars in a video game is dumb.

I shouldn’t be replying to this as I am just as ignorant, but the last I heard of Iran is it has bombed US camps in Iraq as retaliation to the US-British attack on Yemen. (Normal Iranian behaviour if you ask me)

I mean the Palestinian population won’t need all that space after they’re done with them. (This is a joke based on Palestine’s population pre and theoretical post war, and is an exaggeration)

“updating (the controls) for modern audiences” can be good.

My only experience of that is when they removed grid based movements from New N’ Tasty and forced players to use the analog, trying to walk felt horrible.

But something like the first 2 Fallouts on the other hand can really use a controls overhaul.

I stopped caring after ‘most moral military’, and reading after ‘Arabs doing so’.

I’m starting to remember things, thanks for reminding me, China is (was) used as an example of something being extremely far away where I live so it’s easy to forget. (A saying of sorts)