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Especially when the cops tank & swat team need to know where the dog is to shoot it.

Starts with erectile dysfunction and ends with the little blue pill…

Appreciate all the comments, its just a novelty at the moment but if we ever start to use it it would be for reservations only (and incoming only).

bundled in our internet is a landline…so we found a vintage rotary phone and hooked it up. We can receive but not call out. It’s awesome.

I mean…I’ve had every one up to S series. I just don’t see any groundbreaking whatever to make me go beyond X since most of what is being produced is getting either the microtransaction treatment or becoming a subscription based game.

I want to buy a game and play it. period. Very few choices and I will probably get a steam deck at some point.

How accurate is Forecastie? most of the weather apps I have tried are…not great.

Yeah I mean I get it, but still don’t/can’t use 500 before they expire anyway…plus since I only buy them every couple for years I’m not the expert on the price. Just an anecdote…please don’t quote me.

Yeah, it’s actually more mild than the pill form, and acts SO much faster, most times you can feel the headache just fade away.

I used to pop aspirin and Excedrin for migraines but found out (the hard way) it’s no bueno for your stomach, so I have to use these sparingly. We also have 1g Acetaminophen (Tylenol) horse size pills, but it doesn’t do anything/help the pain for me anymore.

Spain I can get the powdered Ibuprofen 400mg for about 2/3€, which I really prefer over the pill, and you get about 20 packets.

I agree with the huge US bottles, but personally the powder gets old and usually clumps up before i finish them all and I end up buying a new pack.

I learned early that there is a direct relation from how much I spend to how long I will keep them without breaking them, loosing them, or somehow destroying them in creative ways. I have a 10€ pair that has, so far, has lasted 2 years.

it’s silly.

Not that drugs are expensive in the EU compared to the US…not even relatively close!

More exciting than which adult diaper holds the most piss I guess…

Greatwinter trilogy by Sue McMullen


Especially with the Orcas now getting pissed off it kinda peaks my interest to read it agin.

Easy to miss but great characters & a very unique world.

Dunno man, but it sounds like it isn’t hindering your vacation. I’m a chef who also likes to cook on vacation (and when I’m not working). I don’t consider it work and don’t when i do not want to…but I enjoy it…still…

Give yourself a break, do what you enjoy, don’t do what you don’t.

Have a good vacation anyway!

Excellent stuff, I dislike the new trend of “shutterstock” covers, they lack so much imagination & soul

If you were not going to commit crimes, why would you want to give the police…

…the slip?

Chef (35 years in the industry) moved family out of the US in 2019, opened a restaurant 4 months before covid, run it with my wife…still here & have a great vibe.

Hike (not too much now, gimpy tendon & old) Bike (shifted down feom road to mountain/trail) Beach (every day in the summer) Travel (so far we have been sticking with exploring more of our adopted country) Eating

I mean, by all means you have the right to take yourself out however you want, but to take others with you is what they call “a dick move”.

I mean, I hate speaking ill of the dead, but fuck this guy.

This lurker won’t (trying to not lurk here). I am happy to get away from there, enough content (and better quality) is here.

But that’s the thing, on R no matter what you blocked they still pop up in other feeds…so many “news”, meme etc. featuing those shits and here…nada. My thoughts are most of thier shit is bot driven, so here it wont get traction (yet) and if they do its easily avoided!

I find it a lot more like old forums, and there is a loooooot less ragebait (post about Matt Walsh and his piss fetish, Tim pool and his homoerotic fascism, etc).

It’s very refreshing and I find myself spending less time on here (searching for interesting content) but more time engaging (instead of lurking)

Left LA in 2018. went from a 10min bikeride (1.25hr workout) to a 3-5hr commute because “promotion”… now I don’t even have a license, i run my 70 seat restaurant via cargo bike just fine (only meats, beer/wine delivery).

went from a 2-3hr drive to the beach (++ parking fees) to 5 min bike, 10 min walk to one of several beaches.

multiple mountain hiking trails within 20 min, bus/train with regular service etc.

We could not be happier in our little slice of socialist hell…

you’re super and are loved… No need to be the token edgemaster 5000 here.

OG Star Wars Battlefront I & II.
Easy to just put on, play a few rounds and clear my head.
Simple & fun to play.

This was a spread I did for our friends memorial last week. Elaine Kew was a remarkable and lovely person who would have enjoyed this. It gave me an excuse to use the gold sheets I've had for years. Various cheeses, charcuterie, grilled antipasti, foie gras and pate. We set it up for self service in our small restaurant and it was one of the few times i could be woth everyone instead of in the kitchen.