The Reddit blackout shows no signs of stopping | CNN Business
A widespread Reddit blackout affecting some of the site’s largest communities has continued into its third day with no signs of stopping, as a number of groups on the site vowed to remain closed off indefinitely to protest changes to the platform’s data policies.

Hey y’all, this is a great post, but please try to keep topics relating to the reddit blackout on the appropriate megathread, which should be pinned here:

Going to lock this to focus further discussion.

Sure, but does it show any signs of working?

So far, we’ve seen interactions on the site fall maybe as much as 20% despite an overwhelming majority of large subreddits being private or restricted, impacting tens of millions of users.

Huffman mentioned that revenues were not significantly impacted and the noise will pass. So far, he appears to be correct. Now that we’re in the 3rd day, many subreddits have returned and interactions are almost back to pre-blackout levels.

Clearly some other shoe needs to drop before the protestors win.


Hey everyone, since the Reddit outage is a major event, we’re trying to keep things tidy on our instance and centralize the reddit situation. Please see the Megathread on beehaw at:


Good. Let’s keep it up!

I don’t want to see Reddit fail, but I do want to see them change their minds or at least offer a compromise. Remember to vote in your communities to continue the blackout!


Good! That site is seeing its sad end. It was time.

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