Hello Newcomers

Hello! I don’t actually expect anyone to join right now, since I haven’t done any promotion. But in case you do, I’m setting up this new instance. You are welcome to create a new account and it would be great to have you!

That being said, you might notice that the community list is fairly empty right now, even if you check “All”. This is, because the federation doesn’t work instantaneously, instead people have to manually go to a community by typing the URL (like https://mindshare.space/c/support@beehaw.org ). Only then does this instance start tracking activity from the community on another instance. The same goes for posts and comments! Old posts are only tracked when users interact with it (so some old post might not show up at first).

Finally, I can’t get the URL of some communities to work here. No idea why, but that’s WIP.

Either way, happy to have you here, enjoy your time (off Reddit :) ).


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