LGBTQ+ Wiki # Notice The following list has been assessed for link-rot and accessibility as of June 25, 2023. Please report any dead links or missing resources you come across, and we’ll remove them (and hopefully replace them) as soon as possible. Parts of this page have been adapted from the Global Transgender Resources Registry, the Tildes ~lgbt wiki (to which one of our admins was a previous contributor), and Emi’s blahaj.

hey folks, we’re pleased to report the public release of the Beehaw LGBTQ+ Community Wiki! this is a fairly-comprehensive and ever-growing list of community resources and LGBTQ+ research you can refer to as needed.

the community wiki is hosted on our documents page with all of our site philosophy documents and is written in markdown.

some quick ground-rules on contributing:

  • suggested additions can be made two ways currently.
    • way one: making a pull request, if you have the technical know-how to make those. this can be done both on the repository itself and via the Edit this page button at the bottom. please describe the nature of your edits when you do this so we don’t have to look over your entire edit.
    • way two: you can provide a suggestion in the comments below which we’ll manually synthesize as we can.
  • for resources, please try to provide a brief description of what your suggestions do and what communities and countries/regions they serve. this will make it easier to categorize them.
  • for research, we’re a bit more picky: provide a summary of the research’s significance and its basic findings. we generally want the research section to be as to-the-point and bulletproof as possible.
  • if you find a dead or rotted link, please make a pull request to remove it (with a replacement if possible) or flag us here. we’ll continually review the links as we possibly can, but actual users are going to be our main first line of defense here.

as we note on the top of the page itself, parts of the page have been adapted from the Global Transgender Resources Registry, the Tildes ~lgbt wiki (to which i was a previous contributor), and Emi’s thread. we hope to build off of all of that work that’s already been done at those places.

enjoy! more additions to the document will also be made throughout the day, so be on the lookout for those.
9M, which I find to be a pretty good resource for FAQs about asexuality and covering topics like aphobia, questioning whether you yourself are asexual, and relationship advice. Includes the a-spectra, not just people like me with sexual desire set to “zero, forever.”

Also useful for aces themselves. Has experiences from not-ace people describing what sexual attraction is like.

alyaza [they/she]

now that the site is back up: will add, thank you for the suggestion


Thank you for making this!

Hot Saucerman

This is awesome as hell. Community growth here is so good. I made my account on years ago, but if I was signing up for an instance today, it would be Beehaw! Forget the haters, this place is gold.


This is so awesome! What an amazing way to replace a lot of resource posts that were on reddit. Thank you all for your hard work, we appreciate you folks a lot!

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All forms of queer news and culture. Nonsectarian and non-exclusionary.

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Beehaw currently maintains an LGBTQ+ resource wiki, which is up to date as of July 10, 2023.

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