At the Oslo Freedom Forum, dissidents and rights defenders seek solidarity as their movements struggle.

I think for most of history almost no one had any rights, then technological advancements (printing, internet, etc.) shook that system up and gave a chance for people to grab some bits of power. Now the system is stabilizing according to these new developments, and the power is getting centralized again. Im not sure if this is unstoppable, but sometimes it seems like it.


Something happened with people too, after trump - it’s like everybody got a license to be an asshole. And it’s a global thing, and the people I’m talking about are the nice grandma and the completely normal woodworker. It’s still surprising somehow, the hidden hatred everywhere.

Yes, its really frustrating to see how we have been led into a culture war. And of course when they attack minorities we have to push back, but at the same time there are so much more important issues heavily affecting everyone, including minorities. Hope there will be some day when taxing corporations is just as hot topic as whether trans people should sport nowadays.


It’s incredibly hard to snap people out of that state of mind, it takes a real toll on you. I hope trying to be good and loving will become fashionable again

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