So how does this whole thing work exactly? I made an account here on beehaw, but then when I view other lemmy instances, I see some of the same posts that are here on beehaw.

For example, I commented on this thread:

And then I get a reply from this site instead, where I can’t comment because I need to log in, but it doesn’t allow me to?

Wildly confused.


I’m guessing that the reply you’re referring to, is from a person that has their account on, and because of this, you were provided the link to their home instance. Of course this sort of thing is unintuitive, because now you’re on a different website that looks the same, but suddenly you’re not logged in anymore. People who don’t read too much into the details of Lemmy are now just confused why they are seemingly logged out and can’t log in anymore. On the other hand, you also want to reply to that comment still, so you’d have to manually find the comment in your home instance instead (or type the URL with your instances prefix).

Lemmy is still in its early stages, I’m sure there’ll be a lot of quality of life fixes soon, pretty sure they are flooded with bug reports and feature requests right now.

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