I created a google takeout and in that zip file I found some files containing a ton of data about me. It has logged every single page I visited while using the google search engine and chrome browser. It even logged every single time I opened an app on my old android phone. It even has VOICE RECORDINGS of me and a log of every time I used google assistant. This is just some of the data and I’m very sure there is even more data they have.


It is literally not the tip of the iceberg. I work in the industry, so lecturing me about data management platforms is asinine. Microsoft and Apple’s collection practices are minuscule compared to Google’s and DMPs are terrible at their jobs.

Lol? Way to discredit yourself as a clueless fucking rube. “I work in the industry and I take everything my employer says at face value” is not going to convince me bucko.

Why don’t you start talking about Apple’s third party ad service servers if you think you know where all the data is going? They leak everything even if they don’t officially retain stuff. It’s all theatre for employees and regulators and the EU.

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