I created a google takeout and in that zip file I found some files containing a ton of data about me. It has logged every single page I visited while using the google search engine and chrome browser. It even logged every single time I opened an app on my old android phone. It even has VOICE RECORDINGS of me and a log of every time I used google assistant. This is just some of the data and I’m very sure there is even more data they have.

Google is by far the worst offender. Their business model is based on collecting this data. Microsoft wants this to be their business model too. Apple just wants to sell you devices, and they are promoting themselves as privacy friendly, I’m sure they’re making some effort to avoid collecting data they don’t need.

Apple is only promoting themselves as a privacy company to try to get VPN customers to move to their iCloud plus and shit. It’s like Micro$oft moving into open source. I really don’t think it’s ever wise to take a company’s philosophy seriously it’s just a way to manage customer and employee expectations temporarily.

No, I think Apple is promoting themselves as a privacy company because companies like Google, Meta, and Microsoft are abusing your data and you and it’s actually a great position to take and way to distinguish themselves from others in the industry. There are countless privacy features on Apple products that they initiated which show they’re pretty damn serious about it… MAC address hiding, killing 3rd party cookies and forcing Google to too, blocking trackers, encryption of cloud data, granular privacy controls, cracking down on Meta’s app tracking abuse. I trust Apple a million times more than the others and would rather pay extra for a device knowing my info isn’t being vacuumed up in the same way the others do. Tired of neck beard nerds defending the practices of these companies. Google and Meta are privacy nightmares. Google is the original privacy nightmare. It is spyware. You can’t convince me that aPpLe iS wOrSe just because you have an ax to grind with the company. The truth is there is a big difference between them and your whataboutism bullshit is lame and overplayed and also WRONG.

Oh my God I’ve triggered the Apple FOMO dorks. Please get a life

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