I created a google takeout and in that zip file I found some files containing a ton of data about me. It has logged every single page I visited while using the google search engine and chrome browser. It even logged every single time I opened an app on my old android phone. It even has VOICE RECORDINGS of me and a log of every time I used google assistant. This is just some of the data and I’m very sure there is even more data they have.

Possibly linux

Microsoft is a ad company and Apple locks you in so you only buy there proprietary products. I don’t see how they are better


especially now that they give out Windows upgrades for free

In regards to how much data they collect from you, which is the topic of this discussion, I’d say they are better. Everyone likes to defend Google because they offer you cheap or free things, but the truth is that comes at the cost of them surveilling everything you do. That’s their business. This knee-jerk response to say “well, Apple does it too” is not only almost completely wrong, it misses the distinctions between the two companies and their business models. Also, even if Apple actually did collect as much data as Google that is not an argument to keep using Google products.

Possibly linux

I don’t use Google, Apple or Microsoft products. My statement wasn’t intended to be a justification. I’m just saying Apple and Microsoft are no worse that Google

Apple is still an ad company they just want to cordon off their “private ad system” with their VPN products and hide my email shit. Don’t trust Apple at all myself

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