Pretty much in the title. Maybe you wouldn’t even use it, but would like to simply see it exist for the sake of having a federated alternative.

For me, it’d be the following:

  • LinkedIn
  • Meetup
  • Tiktok

I am on the first two, but would prefer a federated alternative. I’m not on Tiktok, but would like to see a federated alternative.

I’ll admit these might not be a good idea. But as a thought experiment, I’d be curious about the community weigh in on what you all think this might look like.

Resol van Lemmy


Because Instagram sucks, and Pixelfed isn’t really that amazing of a social media service despite having some great photography to gawk at.

I’d also like an alternative to Vimeo since not that many design agencies post their cool stuff on YouTube or even PeerTube (and I’m basically addicted to television branding).

I can’t get browsing by hashtags to work on pixelfed itself. Only shows like 3 results.

Resol van Lemmy

I hope it can get better sooner than later

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