Hailed as "Asia's Schindler" for helping North Koreans flee, he has been jailed for sexual abuse.

Police accused him of molesting six North Korean teenagers, including defectors sleeping in the dormitories of the alternative school he had founded at his Durihana mission.

Chun had denied the charges but a court on Wednesday ruled the victims’ evidence as irrefutable.

“The victims are making consistent statements and it includes content that cannot be stated without first-hand experience of the circumstances”, Judge Seung-jeong Kim of the Seoul Central District Court said.

He claims to have helped more than 1,000 North Koreans escape the hardline regime of the Kim family over the past 25 years, and has personally been condemned by Pyongyang for his work.

Documentary about how people trying to get to China during the famine were instead trafficked into solitary confinement in South Korea and only allowed to leave if they agreed to go on a game show, no this is not a Paul Verhoeven movie this is reality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktE_3PrJZO0

Look at how tired that fucking lawyer is man he just wants these people to be able to live

I did not wake up this morning planning on watching a thirty seven minute video, but I watched all of it.

Perhaps with some irony or coincidence or whatever, I lived in South Korea for a few years in the nineties and dreamt that I was back there before I woke up this morning.


I just hope that shitty disposable coffee is enough to keep that guy going somehow

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