I would really rather that these were actual examples, and not conspiracy theories. We all have our own unsubstantiated ideas about what shadowy no-gooders are doing, but I’d rather hear about things that are actually happening.


nope, usa is a two party first the past post system on a federal level and allows state levels to determine their own systems, both of which allows for third parties. you have no actual proof of voter fraud and jim crow era laws have been long dismantled. fuck off with that. yes, gerrymandering exists on a state level but that isnt a federal issue. your problem exists with specific states, regardless, a challenger can still win a gerrymandered state. now go prove china has a democracy on a federal level, you cant


Lol ok, I mean you have the ultra right and the right party. They are different, but the usa has a well defined external politic which doesn’t really change. So since I’m outside to me it looks almost like china

outside policy that doesnt change? literally every president has different external policy which is regulated by 100 changing members of the senate. what the fuck are you talking about.

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it’s almost like when youre a dictator you dont have checks amd balances to stop you and have much less recent predecessors to be compared to

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elaborate how

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mayooo said us policy doesnt change at all, i said it does. someone else said it doesnt change as much, i said thats because theres no checks and balances. my logic is fine.

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