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I only joined recently. I’m using the fediverse via this instance daily.

While I am not a social media power user, I have some technical knowledge, mostly around programming and operations. It is basically what pays the bills, after all.

Today, the app that I use for interacting with the fediverse, jerboa, wanted me to disconnect because this instance’s version is below the minimum suggested version. And from past experience I know how hard managing a service for the public can be, especially keeping an eye out, upgrading, decisions for the greater good etc.

So, I am willing to put the money where the mouth is, figuratively and literally. I’m offering either assistance with managing this instance, or to pay part of the costs of running this instance.

Towards any of these ends, I am also ready to join any matrix chat you suggest, so we can discuss this further.

What do you think, @pancakefriday?


Hey, thanks for your offer! At the moment, it’s really not any work managing the server. I was holding off on the update, because of the captcha thing. Beehaw also hasn’t updated, which is where I’m most of the time. But yeah, the jerboa popup is a bit irritating :D

I’d love to keep it in mind though, if there’s a time where there’ll be a high influx of users, I’m sure I’ll need help with managing cache etc.

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