ANNOUNCEMENT: introducing the Beehaw LGBTQ+ Community Wiki
hey folks, we're pleased to report the public release of the Beehaw LGBTQ+ Community Wiki! this is a fairly-comprehensive and ever-growing list of community resources and LGBTQ+ research you can refer to as needed. the community wiki is hosted on our documents page with all of our site philosophy documents and is written in markdown. #### some quick ground-rules on contributing: - suggested additions can be made two ways currently. - way one: making a pull request, if you have the technical know-how to make those. this can be done both on the repository itself and via the Edit this page button at the bottom. **please describe the nature of your edits when you do this so we don't have to look over your entire edit.** - way two: you can provide a suggestion in the comments below which we'll manually synthesize as we can. - for resources, **please try to provide a brief description of what your suggestions do and what communities and countries/regions they serve.** this will make it easier to categorize them. - for research, we're a bit more picky: **provide a summary of the research's significance and its basic findings.** we generally want the research section to be as to-the-point and bulletproof as possible. - if you find a dead or rotted link, **please make a pull request to remove it (with a replacement if possible) or flag us here**. we'll continually review the links as we possibly can, but actual users are going to be our main first line of defense here. as we note on the top of the page itself, parts of the page have been adapted from the [Global Transgender Resources Registry](, the Tildes [~lgbt wiki]( (to which i was a previous contributor), and [Emi’s]( thread. we hope to build off of all of that work that's already been done at those places. enjoy! more additions to the document will also be made throughout the day, so be on the lookout for those.

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, is 30 years old
It was a huge thing for me when it was released, due to my discovering queer activism around the time; and I think it was a huge thing, culturally speaking, for many queer people in many countries. I rewatched it yesterday but of course through the lenses of nostalgia, so I wondered if it has aged well, if it resonates with the younger people...

> Not long after the 1994 film became a smash hit, the titular bus disappeared. Where did it go? Who had it? And could it be recovered before it was too late?

Hey all, So I'm looking to take an active step here to understand better some things that my straight/white/cis/middle-aged male brain has had a tough time wrapping itself around, particularly in the gender identity front. I'm working from the understanding of physical sex as the bio-bits and the expressed identity as being separate things, so that part is easy enough. What's confusing to me though is like this. If we take gender as being an expression of your persona, a set of traits that define one as male, female, or some combination of both then what function does a title/pronoun serve? To assume that some things are masculine or feminine traits seems to put unneeded rigidity to things. We've had men or women who enjoy things traditionally associated with the other gender for as long as there have been people I expect. If that's the case then what purpose does the need for a gender title serve? I'll admit personally questioning some things like fairness in cis/trans integrated sports, but that's outside what I'm asking here. Some things like bathroom laws are just society needing to get over itself in thinking our personal parts are all that special. Certainly not trying to stir up any fights, just trying to get some input from people that have a different life experience than myself. Is it really as simple as a preferred title? Edit: Just wanted to take a second to thank all the people here who took the time to write some truly extensive thoughts and explanations, even getting into some full on citation-laden studies into neurology that'll give me plenty to digest. You all have shown a great deal of patience with me updating some thinking from the bio/social teachings of 20+ years back. 🙂

> PinkNews examines five key takeaways, concerns and questions following the publication of the Cass report into trans youth healthcare.

Queer people are getting their rights violated and removed in real time, and now we have ppl from all across the political spectrum arguing over a flag I have never seen before. At this point, I'm convinced that the flag is an intentional psyop designed to sow division in the community over colours on a rectangle to distract from actual issues.

This research studies how the idea of "child protection" has been historically misused as a tool for discriminating against gay men, portraying them as a danger to children. Over time, this argument evolved into subtler claims as it became less effective and faced greater rejection from the general public due to increased public acceptance of gay men. At the same time, the most overt claims now target trans women in a manner reminiscent of their past use against gay men.

Having a great time in New Orleans; here are some photos from the Gay Easter Parade!

GAG member Arielle Scarcella exposed as an alleged groomer (2022)
CW for descriptions of sexual coercion and harassment. ![]( ![]( (screenshots not mine) Back in June 2022 when Gays Against Groomers was still at its infancy, Arielle Scarcella was exposed as a groomer by two of her alleged victims (both trans). To this day, GAG still hasn't addressed the issue or cut ties with Scarcella. Why? The reason is very simple: because the story doesn't fit the narrative they're actively pushing.

A little update
O used to make a lot of posts here a few months back detailing my journey and just letting y'all know I'm doing well :3 Mainly moved to other fedi sites but I hope this space helps other ppl :3 Y'all are such a cool community Also turns out me girl lol :3

Any good sapphic communities on Lemmy?
I've only found a couple and they're dead. Pro trans communities only. Noticed I've been looking at women differently lately and kinda wanna check out the wlw scene.

A friend of mine is having trouble finding prospective relationships in a rural area of America
I have a young gay friend who is at their wits end trying to find others in their community. They are, understandably, reluctant to use the Internet for this purpose. We live in a very rural and conservative part of America. If you have any practical guidance for them then, please let me know. I will be very happy to pass it along to them. Thank you.

Bad news, folks. The Tories have proven yet again that they're complete and utter wankers.

KOSA's supporters are claiming that the latest version addresses concerns from the LGBTQ community, and a few LGBTQ organizations (including GLAAD and HRC) have endorsed this version, but don't be fooled: *the dozens of LGBTQ and human rights organizations who have been opposing KOSA were not consulted about these changes* and so while there are improvements, it's still far from sufficient. This article's EFF's take on the amended version. TL;DR summary: > * LGBTQ+ Youth will be at risk of having content, educational material, and their own online identities erased. > * Young people searching for sexual health and reproductive rights information will find their search results stymied. > > We are asking everyone reading this to [oppose this latest version](, and to [demand that their representatives oppose it](—even if you have already done so.

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