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Looking for a photo map software
I am looking for an open source solution similar to this: I have traveled quite a bit and taken a lot of photos (with gps data). Ideally I would like to use these photos to create a map connecting the different waypoints via roads which I could then use in a slideshow. Bonus points if the map can be animated with panning and zooming effects for different parts of the journey.

Photo Album Software (request)
I have a large number of photos edited and ready to go and want to then them into an album. Does anyone have any recommendations for any FOSS software that I can use to arrange the images to pages, and add text? I intend to send the data to a professional printer for printing and binding. My first thought was Libre Office's Draw, but maybe this community has something more appropriate.

KDE’s Amarok 3.0 Music Player Released After Six Year Hiatus - Now Ported To Qt5
Released back in March of 2018 was the Amarok 2.9 music player for this KDE project. Shipping today is finally Amarok 3.0 as the first major release in six years and now ported to Qt5 and KDE Frameworks 5.

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👻 Question about ghost(.org) 👻
I'm trying to get a new web site up and running with [ghost](, but I'm wondering if it's really designed for selling products, like the way [Gumroad]( is, for example. I was attracted to ghost because of its built-in mailing list and blogging capabilities (and because it's open source), and I thought adding a "commerce element" for lack of a better term, probably wouldn't be too hard, but now I'm not so sure. Am I trying to get this platform to do something it isn't really designed for?

It's so awesome that I can let my kid paint with Krita and let her enhance the picture with AI live. She wanted to have an AI picture editor on her phone but I didn't like the privacy policy. But [Krita AI Diffusion]( came to the rescue. After testing it out myself I showed her Krita, the most important tools and how to use layers and before I could say anything she was off to paint a nice landscape. When she was finished I actually got to enable the AI plugin and show her the ropes around that. And after enabling live painting she went ham and added a phoenix and a giant hand. Hardest thing about it was that she had to describe what she wanted in English. But she's already learning that in school so it shouldn't give her too much trouble in the long run. Anyways, FOSS rules!

Gender bias in open source: Pull request acceptance of women versus men
> Our results show that women's contributions tend to be accepted more often than men's [when their gender is hidden]. However, when a woman's gender is identifiable, they are rejected more often. Our results suggest that although women on GitHub may be more competent overall, bias against them exists nonetheless.

That word, Open, it doesn’t mean what they think it means
I was very excited to learn about this project...only to discover it's neither free nor open source. Does anyone know of any true open source and accessible tools for Syllabus sharing/curating/researching?

I used this for years, from version 1.9 all the way to 5.x when I moved onto other software. EDIT: Here is the full press release. > Press Release- Inside information May 16, 2024 – 08:30 CEST Winamp has announced that it is opening up its source code to enable collaborative development of its legendary player for Windows. Winamp has announced that on 24 September 2024, the application's source code will be open to developers worldwide. Winamp will open up its code for the player used on Windows, enabling the entire community to participate in its development. This is an invitation to global collaboration, where developers worldwide can contribute their expertise, ideas, and passion to help this iconic software evolve. Winamp has become much more than just a music player. It embodies a unique digital culture, aesthetic, and user experience. With this initiative to open the source code, Winamp is taking the next step in its history, allowing its users to contribute directly to improving the product. "This is a decision that will delight millions of users around the world. Our focus will be on new mobile players and other platforms. We will be releasing a new mobile player at the beginning of July. Still, we don't want to forget the tens of millions of users who use the software on Windows and will benefit from thousands of developers' experience and creativity. Winamp will remain the owner of the software and will decide on the innovations made in the official version," explains Alexandre Saboundjian, CEO of Winamp. Interested developers can now make themselves known at the following address:

Windows 11 is now an ad platform–this is why we’re here
The writing is on the wall--I suspect the next Windows OS will be a subscription service. Gather your ISOs while ye may.

Why FOSS projects are using proprietary, privacy invasive infrastructure?
cross-posted from: > As you can easily notice, today many open source projects are using some services, that are… sus. > > For example, Github is the most popular place to store your project code and we all know, who owns it. And not to forget that sketchy AI training on every line of your code. Don't we have alternatives? Oh, yes we have. Gitlab, Codeberg, Notabug, etc. You can even host your own Gitea or Forgejo instance if you want. > > Also, Crowdin is very popular in terms of software (and docs) translation. Even Privacy Guides and The New Oil use Crowdin, even though we have FLOSS Weblate, that you can easily self-host or use public instances. > > So, my question is: if you are building a FLOSS / privacy related project, why using proprietary and privacy invasive tools?

FOSS support in the local community
Is anyone aware of an existing framework or educational tools for delivering in-person FOSS workshops?

Ada goes to the set: let’s make an animated movie - FSFE - Help us make a film of this story to spark more kids’ interest in coding and tinkering!
cross-posted from: > Ada goes to the set: let’s make an animated movie - FSFE - Help us make a film of this story to spark more kids’ interest in coding and tinkering! > > - > - About the book : > - Book reading : > - Audio only version of the book reading :

Proxy Raye: an alternative frontend for adult websites
SEX SEX SEX PROXY ALT-FRONTEND Now that I have your attention... Proxy Raye is a self-hostable alternative frontend for browsing adult websites without tracking or ads. Think Invidious for porn. Working demo here: Repo (codeberg): Currently (v0.4.0) supported platforms are XVideos, XNXX, PornHub (experimental), YouPorn, RedTube.

How do I build my own software from source?
I'm trying to get tic80 working on RIScv but i ll need to build a custom version cos there are no prebuilts, how do I go about this?

How being FOSS fan/advocate annoy you at work/school?
Started my first job, it's a helpdesk. It looks that I get tickets and try to help people on the other side, have build some PCs and am at first week. But after ~3 years of using almost exclusive FOSS, I found out corporate software (especially Windows!) to be so absolutely unbearable. Having Windows as example, on the surface it is bearable, but as I need to do more advanced stuff, oh GOD!\ I needed iperf3 to test LAN speed, traceroute to test why some device is not responding, rsync to copy files... But none of it is installed and installing every single program is super annoying and troublesome. After that I get countless update popups from all sides, ugh.

Are there any WYSIWYG html editors? just curious
Hello, i was looking for a wysiwyg html editors i could use for my personal website, perferrably just as a simple open source desktop program on linux (though anything else is fine). i DID find something called KompoZer but i was wondering if there's any other ones, thanks

I have a 1TB harddrive on my desktop computer that isn't doing much of anything, so I'd like to dual-boot something "interesting". Suggestions are greatly appreciated, so let me know what y'all find intriguing/interesting/frustrating/innovative. The logo is just for attention, but EFF is a great cause that we should all support.

Does anyone know of a FOSS Firewall for Windows
I currently use [TinyWall ]( Firewall, it works very well, it's small/portable, no complaints I even donated to the Dev but I would really prefer open source, also it needs to be user friendly like TinyWall so my non-tech family members can/will use it like they do with TinyWall.

what happened to VLC for Android ?
A lot of the [issues]( reported here, started showing up on my device after each OS update, but VLC didn't push any updates for over a year now... VLC is king, but what went wrong? Edit: I think I saw a post on Mastodon saying it something to do with Google Play Store policies change, but what about the Fdroid version.. ?

FLOSS sound level meter for Android?
Is there such a thing? I wasn't able to find anything in the F-Droid repository.

Youtube Music frond-ends like ViMusic for Linux
So there are so many Youtube front-ends for Android like ViMusic/RiMusic, spmp, SimpMusic and a big etc.. They basically extract the music and add a lot of functionality to the app like translating lyrics, downloading/caching songs, local playlists without Google account, radio mode and that kind of thing. I know of three programs of this type for Linux (or desktop OS in general) and they're Moosync, Nuclear Music Player and Youtube-music. I love Moosync but I miss the radio mode feature that I use a lot in Android apps, then Nuclear I haven't used for years since I know Moosync and Youtube-music doesn't appeal to me at all because it's just a Youtube music web application with plugins... and it doesn't even have local playlists... So, does anyone know of any other programs of this kind that actually support radio mode and local playlists?

Official Blog: Ondsel ES 2024.2 released: more assembly tools and UX/UI polish | Ondsel
cross-posted from: > Official Blog: Ondsel ES 2024.2 released: more assembly tools and UX/UI polish | Ondsel

New features and improvements * Improved support for tablets on Windows * Backports of other GTK3 features What’s next Clearly one of the smallest releases ever in the 2.10 series, and it might be our last. We’ll see, though we also know some people get stuck longer than others on older series (especially when using LTS distributions of Free Software operating systems), so we might do (if we feel like it’s needed) a 2.10.40 release with bug fixes only just before or just after GIMP 3.0.0 release, as a wrap up. In any case, we are now stopping backporting features in the 2.10 series. These graphics tablet support improvements for Windows are huge enough that they had to get in; yet from now on, we want to focus solely on releasing GIMP 3.0.0. Now you might wonder when that is? Very soon! We are on the last sprint towards the release candidate. This includes a lot of bug fixes, but also still some API changes going on. We will keep you updated! Don’t forget you can donate and personally fund GIMP developers, as a way to give back and accelerate the development of GIMP. Community commitment helps the project to grow stronger! 💪🥳 --- [GIMP 3.0 (Development branch roadmap](

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Fennec vs Mull: pros and cons of each?
Which do you use and why?

What details/tools have you found help people transition to similar, open software from closed software, or think could help?
cross-posted from: in [!]( > I'm thinking of ways to help people move from established software to more open, flexible forms that don't lock them to another organization.

IMDB alternative
I really would like to delete my account there and move on. Is there anything, solid enough, with a good rating system, some lists that I can make for myself or at least a simple “to watch”? Would be cool to have a “where to watch / stream / buy” section and some basic info like people behind the movies and so on. Major pros: good website and cross-platform mobile app. I just installed letterboxd to check how it feels but before migrating anywhere I am more interested what I will read here.

New piefed feature , anyone can subscribe to any post or comment (piefed is a reddit and lemmy alternative)
cross-posted from: > This is a feature that as far as i know lemmy does not have, so it might be worth it to checkout and support piefed, it will probably be useful if there are certain topics that are really relevant to you and you want to develop in depth knowledge of.

Godot beginner game development tutorial video from Brackeys 🎮👨‍💻
New #Godot #GameDev #Tutorial #Video from #Brackeys! 🎮👨‍💻 #BrackeysBack #GodotEngine #GDScript #IndieDev #IndieGames #GameDesign #YouTube #FOSS #OpenSource #LibreCulture #Linux

Any apps to find your phone if it’s on mute?
My wife and I regularly misplace our phones in the house and we also keep them on mute like 99% of the time. Are there any apps that allow us to ping the other ones phone audibly despite it being on mute? One is a oneplus 6t the other a s23 ultra if that makes a difference EDIT: I found a solution i like; Homeassistant with TTS Notifications. Of couse you can still list some apps and solutions for others to find, but i am happy now!

Help improve OpenStreetMap with StreetComplete
"This app finds missing map data in your vicinity and displays it on a map as quests. Solve each quest by visiting the location on-site and answering a simple question to update the map."

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