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Hi, I only joined recently. I'm using the fediverse via this instance daily. While I am not a social media power user, I have some technical knowledge, mostly around programming and operations. It is basically what pays the bills, after all. Today, the app that I use for interacting with the fediverse, jerboa, wanted me to disconnect because this instance's version is below the minimum suggested version. And from past experience I know how hard managing a service for the public can be, especially keeping an eye out, upgrading, decisions for the greater good etc. So, I am willing to put the money where the mouth is, figuratively **and** literally. I'm offering either assistance with managing this instance, or to pay part of the costs of running this instance. Towards any of these ends, I am also ready to join any matrix chat you suggest, so we can discuss this further. What do you think, [@pancakefriday](

Hello :)
It looks like maybe people are joining here, which is great! You can say hi here, if you want to :)

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